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Glenn Beck Warns That Obama is going to Bomb Canada

Aug 31 2009 Published by under Featured News

On his FNC program today Glenn Beck claimed that Barack Obama is going to bomb the Canadian oil pipelines to nationalize the oil and gas industries. Beck said, “Oh they’ll say they didn’t want to seize control of the oil companies….but we had to.” I think someone has been watching the South Park movie again.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck used clips of Hillary Clinton, Van Jones, and Maxine Waters to compare Democrats to the Canadian pipeline bomber, and said, “Before the liberal bloggers in their basements go crazy over this, no I am not comparing Van Jones, Hillary, or Maxine Waters to the pipeline bomber. Did it sound like that? What I am doing is showing that there is an evolution, or dare I say a progression, progressive is good, of the same type of thinking that big oil is evil and should be destroyed, and by the way that kind of thinking really helps during times of silent revolutions.”

He continued, “By the way, do think have explosions at the largest natural gas company in North America might push people into an “emergency?” Oh, they’ll say they didn’t want to seize control of the oil companies. Oh no, I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to run GM. I didn’t want to run the banks, but we had to.”

Beck is alleging that Obama is going to commit an act of war, just so he can nationalize the oil and natural gas industries. Why would Obama do this? Because according to Beck, the Democrats are Socialists. Does his conspiracy theory have any basis in fact? No, it does not. This is why I consider Glenn Beck Republican science fiction. Everyday he weaves these tall tales that his audience willingly embraces.

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Republican Senators Closing Their Healthcare Events to the Public

Aug 31 2009 Published by under Featured News

Could it be that Senate Republicans are starting to feel the heat in the healthcare debate? It seems so as GOP senators John McCain, Kit Bond, and Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell are all participating in healthcare forums together, but they are closed to the public. Attendance is by invite only.

According to Think Progress, the three Republicans held a healthcare reform forum in Kansas City that was closed to the public, “ThinkProgress spoke with Barbara Mueth, vice president of community relations at Children’s Mercy, who confirmed that the attendees had all been invited by either the hospital or the senators. At the event, McConnell said that it was time to “step back and start over” on health care.”

McConnell and McCain are also holding healthcare reform forums in North Carolina and Florida this week that will not be open to the public. To his credit, McCain has held widely publicized town halls, but McConnell hasn’t. Instead he has limited his speaking engagements to audiences that are opposed to reform.

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill took McConnell to task for keeping the forum closed to the public, “I’m disappointed that the Republican leader of the Senate is coming to Kansas City on Monday and participating in a forum, but they’re not opening it up to the public. It’s invitation-only. I think it might be helpful for the leadership in the Republican Party to have some of the experiences I’ve had over the last week, where some of the meetings are wildly in favor of reform, and other meetings are wildly against it. I think having that pulse is important, and I think the Republican leader would benefit from that.”

McConnell doesn’t want to hear that some of his constituents could be in favor healthcare reform. It doesn’t matter to him what bill comes out of the Senate, he has already made up his mind to oppose it. This isn’t about healthcare reform. He is trying to derail the Democrats. McConnell is the prime example of the idea that the Democrats could give the GOP everything they want in a bill, and they would still oppose it.

The same Republicans, who defended the town hall protesters as people using their First Amendment rights, won’t do the same thing for people who favor healthcare reform. What about the First Amendment rights of those who want to see a bill pass? Don’t their rights matter? The bigger question is why is Mitch McConnell afraid to face the public?

I think the scales are tipping away from the anti-reform movement. Now that the left has mobilized, the little mobs of healthcare protesters aren’t nearly as effective at these town halls as they were earlier in August. If these Senate Republicans were serious about healthcare reform, they would engage in an open debate with the public instead of cherry picking their audiences.

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The Exotic Art of RNC Poll Dancing

Aug 31 2009 Published by under Featured News

Strippers gyrate on brass poles to exploit lust for money. The RNC position on the Steele Poll is just as provocative (some would say dirty), equally unsubtle, except it exploits fear for money, instead of sex. So many of their targeted audience seems to reward attempts to frighten them by turning over their hard earned cash, that it suggests they must enjoy it, seeking out being told scary, albeit improbable stories.

Not as good perhaps as Stephen King stories or Hitchcock movies, but spinning off as many sequels as the multi-part Halloween saga, or the endless Nightmare on Elm Street series. Bloody slasher horror fiction has finally come to the sphere of contemporary Republican fundraising. Or you could read the questions as comedy, like the vaudeville question, “Have you stopped beating your wife?”, or maybe the old “Who’s on first?” routines.

One such story was the mass mailing sent out recently that asked the following ‘in artfully worded’ questions.

Wouldn’t you think that when someone expends the time, energy and $$$ to send out a mass mailing, they would take a little more time, expend a little more energy to word the poll ‘artfully’ before they spend the money to make all the copies of it? Wouldn’t you expect a little more care before they have them placed in envelopes that are then addressed – presumably with some further effort to guarantee they reach the ‘right’ people (in every sense of the word) – and pay for the postage?

You would think Michael Steele, if he is any good at his job as the chair of the RNC, would read what it is he signs, and read what he has mailed along with the letters carrying his signature. Of course he does that. As chair of the RNC, he does his job. He words darn hard to make sure the RNC is ‘artful’ in its fundraising; not honest, not factual, but artful. He is a master of the art of fear.

Here are the questions which were declared ‘in artfully worded’ by the RNC; declared in artfully worded ONLY AFTER they received attention by at least one of them going to an in artfully selected recipient.

Decide for yourself how artful or in artful they are:

1. Do you believe the state of America’s health care is in crisis? YES NO UNDECIDED (12 word question, 3 word choice answer)

2. What is your biggest concern regarding health care in America as it is today?

COST QUALITY AVAILABILITY OTHER __________ (14 word question, 4 word choice answer)

3. Does it concern you that the liberal media has gone to unprecedented levels to only give Obama’s views on health care and no one else’s?

YES NO UNDECIDED (25 word question, 3 word choice answer)

4. It has been suggested the government could use voter registration to determine a person’s political affiliation, prompting fears that GOP voters might be discriminated against for medical treatment in a Democrat-imposed health care rationing system. Does this possibility concern you?

YES NO UNDECIDED (41 word question, 3 word choice answer)

5. Do you believe it is justified to ration health care regardless of whether an individual has contributed to the cost of treatment?

YES NO UNDECIDED (22 word question, 3 word choice answer)

6. Do you believe that your health care decisions should be made by you and your doctor, and not government bureaucrats in Washington D. C.?

YES NO UNDECIDED (23 word question, 3 word choice answer)

7. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has that the Democrats’ plan could cost upward of $1.6 trillion dollars. Do you believe that America can afford this added debt when the deficit has already reached record levels?

YES NO UNDECIDED (36 word question, 3 word choice answer)

8. If you have private health insurance, please rate your level of satisfaction with your coverage:

EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTORY UNSATISFACTORY N/A (15 word question, 5 word choice answer)

9. Rationing of health care in countries with socialized medicine has led to patients dying because they were forced to wait too long to receive treatment. Are you concerned that this would be inevitable in the U.S. under the Democrats’ plan?

YES NO UNDECIDED (41 word question, 3 word choice answer)

10. Do you approve of the Republican plan to give small businesses tax breaks to cover the cost of their employees’ health care insurance?

YES NO UNDECIDED (23 word question, 3 word choice answer)

11. Over 120 million Americans currently receive health care insurance through their employment. Should this private sector health coverage be preserved in any health care reform plan?

YES NO UNDECIDED (26 word question, 3 word choice answer)

12. Does it concern you that Democrats will try to ram health care legislation through Congress before the August recess to limit the public’s opportunity to evaluate it?

YES NO UNDECIDED (27 word question, 3 word choice answer)

13. Do you believe it is right for the government to use age and life expectancy as criteria for determining access to health care?

YES NO UNDECIDED (23 word question, 3 word choice answer)

All of which is followed by paragraph after paragraph, page after page, soliciting money IMMEDIATELY following a good ‘booga booga BOO!’ scare effort. That is artful, carefully organized, appealing to emotion, building steadily to a deliberate big climax, the big finale.

Buried near the end was the denouement, a single two sentence paragraph requesting completion and mailing of the Steele poll. That doesn’t suggest the poll answers are very important to anyone. It suggests that the only poll result the RNC is interested in is in the form of cash, check, money order, or credit card. You can count on it; count it word by word, paragraph by paragraph, page by page.

This was very carefully crafted poll, where each question was deliberately worded for effect of creating fear for the purpose of raising money, at the expense of fact. The order of the questions were as calculated as any ecdysiast’s gyrations to get money out of the readers pockets and tucked into Michael Steele’s G(OP) strings. For the RNC to claim this was accidental, that it was ‘in artfully worded’, is as reasonable as equating bump-and-grind with ballet.

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Glenn Beck Claims that Obama’s Election Was Actually a Marxist Coup

Aug 31 2009 Published by under Featured News

On his radio show today Glenn Beck proclaimed that the 2008 election was really a Marxist coup. He said, “There is a coup going on. There is a stealing of America, and the way it is done, it has been done through the, the guise of an election, but they lied to us the entire time.” If Obama’s election was a coup, what was the 2000 election?

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck said, “They think they — and they — they — you know what? At this point, gang, I’m not sure, they may be able to because they are so far ahead of us. They know what they’re dealing against; most of America does not yet. Most of America doesn’t have a clue as to what’s going on. There is a coup going on. There is a stealing of America, and the way it is done, it has been done through the — the guise of an election, but they lied to us the entire time. “

He continued, “Some of us knew! Some of us we’re shouting out, you were: “this guy’s a Marxist!” “No, no, no, no, no, no.” And they’re gonna say, “We did it democratically,” and they are going to grab power every way they can. And God help us in an emergency.” (Because the Bush was so effective during emergencies like 9/11 and Katrina).

If the Obama’s unquestioned democratic election was a coup, what was George W. Bush’s election in 2000? Was that a Republican coup? I love it when people like Beck lament that their America is being stolen. What rights have they lost since Obama was elected? They have lost the right to tax cuts that only benefit them. They have lost an administration that only cared about multi-millionaires like Beck.

By the way, Beck needs to learn that Marxism and Socialism are not interchangeable terms. He should understand the difference. There is nothing Marxist about Barack Obama’s policies. In fact, some liberals are disappointed that Obama has not moved more to the left. Beck is offering nothing more than rhetorical comfort food for Republicans who are still bitter about the 2008 election.

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Dick and Liz Cheney Tag Team the Constitution

Aug 30 2009 Published by under Featured News

After the Obama administration announced an investigation into the CIA’s interrogation tactics, both Dick and Liz Cheney returned to the Sunday morning talk shows. On ABC’s This Week Liz Cheney continued to claim that waterboarding is not torture, while over on Fox News Sunday, Dick Cheney continued to endorse torture.

Here is Dick Cheney courtesy of Think Progress:

Cheney said, “Chris, my sort of overwhelming view is that the enhanced interrogation techniques were absolutely essential in saving thousands of American lives, in preventing further attacks against the United States, in giving us the intelligence we needed to go find al Qaeda, to find their camps, to find out how they were being financed. Those interrogations were involved in the arrest of nearly all of the al Qaeda members that we were able to bring to justice. I think they were directly responsible for the fact that for eight years, we had no further mass casualty attacks against the United States. It was good policy. It was properly carried out. it worked very, very well.”

Host Chris Wallace asked Cheney if he was comfortable with cases where the CIA went beyond their legal authorization, and he said, “I am.”

Here is Liz Cheney courtesy of Media Matters:

Liz Cheney said, “You guys have misstated the standard here for a legal investigation, here, and I would point you to Andy McCarthy’s excellent piece in National Review online which goes through what the standard is that the Justice Department should have applied here which is the notion that you need evidence that you can move beyond the presumption of innocence in a court of law that torture occurred.”

Fellow panelist Sam Donaldson said, “Everyone, except one person, that I know of prominence thinks waterboarding and torture is wrong.” Cheney replied, “Waterboarding isn’t torture and we can go down that path.”

Interestingly the one unnamed person that Donaldson was referring to was Liz’s Daddy former vice president Dick Cheney. Their father/daughter act today once again demonstrated how dangerous the Cheney’s are to the Constitution. Liz Cheney talks about presumption of innocence for torturers, but does not believe that the same presumption applies to detainees, while her dear old dad believes that it is for CIA interrogators to violate the law.

You might be thinking wait a minute detainees don’t have constitutional rights, but running secret programs and withholding information from Congress is a violation of the constitution. Plus if the Cheney’s believe that is constitutional to torture, it is a small step towards claiming that torture for American detainees is also legal.

What the Cheneys did today was engage in Operation Keep Dick Cheney out of Prison. Dick and Liz Cheney are hurting their party every time they go on national television and defend torture. The last thing that the GOP needs is for the American people to be reminded of the previous eight years, but the Cheneys don’t care about the GOP. They are only interesting in saving Dick Cheney’s hide.

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Glenn Beck Omits the Real Reason Why He is Attacking Van Jones

Aug 30 2009 Published by under Featured News

On CNN’s Reliable Sources today, host Howard Kurtz called out Glenn Beck for failing to mention the real reason why he has been attacking Obama advisor Van Jones on his show. Kurtz pointed out that Beck has failed to mention that Jones is also the co-founder of ColorofChange, the group that is leading the advertiser boycott of his show.

Here is the video of Kurtz from Media Matters:

Kurtz said, “Glenn Beck devoted sometime this week to trashing a man named Van Jones, a special advisor at the White House Council on Environmental Quality…and why is it that the Fox News host would target this relatively obscure administration official, along with that scary music? Van Jones was a cofounder of ColorofChange. An advocacy group that has been promoting an advertising boycott of Beck’s show over his denunciation of President Obama as a racist. Some three dozen advertisers have pulled their spots from the program, a detail that Beck somehow neglected to mention.”

First off the actual number of advertisers who have left Beck is 47, which is closer to four dozen than three dozen. Secondly, Beck has claimed that he has attacked Jones before, and he has mentioned Jones in passing in a few segments, but never had Jones gotten the full video montage and scary music treatment until last week.

Jones may have been attacked by Beck before, but he was never the focus before last week. It is awfully tough to ignore the “coincidence” that the host just happened to go after Jones as the advertiser boycott carried out by a group that he co-founded continues to gain steam. By discrediting Jones, Beck is trying to take the steam out of the boycott.

He is also feeding his fans a new conspiracy theory that the communists in Obama’s administration are out to get him. I have read some right wing pieces which claim that the boycott is a failure because Beck has seen his audience grow lately, but these people are missing the point. The boycott is directed at advertisers not viewers. ColorofChange is urging companies not to advertise. It is not targeting his viewers.

Kurtz’s piece was making the point that Beck is being far from honest about his motives for going after Jones. Of course, Beck has probably been ordered by his bosses not to mention the boycott or ColorofChange by name. When one becomes an enemy of FNC, your name is not mentioned on the air, just ask Keith Olbermann about that one.

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Kerry: Dick Cheney Doesn’t Respect the Constitution

Aug 30 2009 Published by under Featured News

Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) were on ABC’s This Week today where Kerry unloaded on former vice president Dick Cheney after Cheney blasted the decision to investigate CIA interrogation abuses. Kerry said, “Dick Cheney has shown through the years, frankly, a disrespect for the Constitution, for sharing of information with Congress…”

On Fox News Sunday today, Cheney said, “I think it’s a terrible decision. It’s clearly a political move. There’s no other rationale for why they’re doing this.”

He also invoked 9/11 and claimed to be defending the CIA, “I think it’s a direct slap at the CIA. I don’t think it will work. I think that if they were faced with the kind of situation we were faced with in the aftermath of 9/11, suddenly capturing people that may have knowledge about imminent attacks, and they’re going to have to have meetings and decide who gets to ask what question and who’s going to Mirandize the witness — I just — I think it’s — it’s silly.”

Kerry replied, “Well, Dick Cheney has shown through the years, frankly, a disrespect for the Constitution, for sharing of information with Congress, respect for the law, and I’m not surprised that he is upset about this.”

He continued, “The Obama administration has no intention — I think the president himself has been unbelievably bending in the direction of trying to be careful about what happens to national security, protecting our national security interests, being very sensitive about the CIA’s prerogatives and needs and so forth.”

I wish somebody would come out and give the real reason for Dick Cheney’s vigorous defense of torture. He is trying to save his own skin. Cheney’s explanation sets up the false premise that the CIA was acting alone. This is not true. Cheney was running operations from the vice president’s office. Cheney constantly used his office to pressure the intelligence community.

If the CIA crossed the line, it was because someone ordered them to, and it is a pretty safe bet that Dick Cheney was involved. Cheney isn’t trying to keep America safe, defend his legacy, or the CIA. He is trying to save his own skin. There is nothing political about wanting to correct some of the most shameful abuses of power in recent American history. The true shame is that people like Cheney carried out these abuses in the name of the American people.

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Healthcare Opponents Quickly Exploit Ted Kennedy’s Death

Aug 29 2009 Published by under Featured News

Since Sen. Ted Kennedy’s death, the cry from the right wing has been that Democrats are going to exploit his death to pass healthcare reform, but it turns out that is the opponents of heathcare reform that are doing the exploitation. Dick Morris’ group the League of American Voters is using Kennedy’s death to raise funds to fight reform.

The fundraising message, courtesy of Media Matters states that Kennedy’s death has revived Obama’s healthcare efforts, “Though recent polls suggested Obama’s radical plans of a “public option” and adding 50 million new patients to the government system were in serious trouble, Ted Kennedy’s passing may have breathed new life into them.”

They also use the argument that the public option would have killed Kennedy, “But we also are well aware that Ted Kennedy’s death has evoked tremendous sympathy for his dream of a socialist health care take over. The irony of Kennedy’s death is that under Obama Care Kennedy would likely never have gotten the top-notch, expensive medical care he was afforded.”

Executive Director Bob Adams claimed that with another $5 million, they could kill healthcare reform, “As I write this, the League has to firm up its TV ad buys for the next two weeks. We have already raised over $1.3 million. But we need to raise $5 million to kill off Obama Care.” The tasteless nature of this message is disgusting. Today was the man’s funeral. How about taking a day off from exploiting him?

It is funny that these scam artists are actually suckering people into giving them money. It is clear to anyone who can count that the Democrats have the votes to pass a healthcare reform bill. The debate is within the Democratic caucus over what the bill will contain. A bill will be passed. Dick Morris and company are selling their donors a bill of goods when they talk about killing healthcare reform.

Since Ted Kennedy died, Republicans have been the ones who are trying to warp and exploit his name. They cry about Democrats exploiting his death, but it is Republicans who are falsely claiming that Kennedy would have gotten poor care under the public option. Opponents are using Ted Kennedy to reinforce their lies about healthcare reform. While Democrats mourn, Republicans continue to distort and lie about the issue that Kennedy cared about the most.

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I Want My Country Back: Medicare for All

Aug 29 2009 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

I Want My Country Back

We keep hearing from the far right that they want their country back. What country are they talking about? I fear they mean the brash, cruel America of the last 8 years, instead of the America built on the ideals of social justice for all. When they say they’re losing their “freedoms”, they’re referring to their guns. Yes, guns.

Since when did our true freedoms become our weapons? Well, since the Religious Right aligned with the corporations and sold survival of the fittest as the new ideal, that’s when. Odd how that Jesus has become a weapon of mass destruction, used to rally the people against the very things Jesus stood for, no?

The right’s multi-millionaire mouthpieces peddle this noxious curse on democracy to the misinformed, the desperate, the angry, the confused, and the uneducated, who mindlessly repeat the mantra that they want government out of their lives, never realizing that this country was founded on principles that make it essential for government to play a role in our lives.

“Government has several essential functions in a democratic society including: (a) national security, (b) providing a social safety net from the ravages of the business cycle–e.g minimum wage and working conditions, unemployment insurance, retirement security (e.g. social security), and yes–healthcare for all, (c) regulation of business and financial institutions to keep them honest, insure transparency, prevent monopolies, and control financial bubbles, (d) provide services that private enterprise doesn’t handle well like public roads, parks, libraries, access to good public education for all, and social insurance, (e) protect countervailing forces to the power of big business, such as the right to organize unions.”
— Miles Mogulescu, Huffington Post Blogger in a reply to a poster

This the country Ted Kennedy dreamed of, the country he worked for, the country he strove for – a country where every person mattered. He spoke for those who didn’t have a voice; his voice roared like a lion. The Liberal Lion of the Senate reminded us of what it meant to be “Liberal”, before the right co-opted the word and began using it as a slander and slur. Teddy Kennedy was the “soul of the senate”.

Does America have a soul? Can any country who lets millions of her people die due to lack of healthcare have a soul? The loss of the “soul of the senate” for the people is unspeakable and immeasurable, especially right now, as we fight the war for healthcare reform.

Regarding healthcare reform, Teddy said, “This is the cause of my life – new hope that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every American – north, south, east, west, young, old – will have decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege.”

Every American….Young, old…… It’s a right…….

That sounds like Medicare for all, otherwise known as single payer. Did you know that every dime that goes into Medicare goes into healthcare, not into profits? It’s not only humane, it’s fiscally conservative. It’ll also cover everyone, and be affordable. The value here is social justice, not the profit of Wall Street Insurance Companies. Oh, shiver me timbers, how dare I express a value other than profit and corporatacracy?

It’s about time we put this country back on track and realigned our values with those this country was built upon. Corporations will always try to take over a democracy; their sole purpose is to make money. Bully for them, but they need to get OUT of the arena of healthcare. We need to recognize our responsibility to the people of this country. We need to unapologetically and boldly place upon social justice the same reverence the right places on profits for corporations.

I can just hear the gasps of outrage; how dare I suggest that a corporation (i.e., GOD of the right) not make a profit? Am I a heathen? I must be an evil socialist. In point of fact, no, I’m not a socialist, but neither am I a fascist. I see no reason why we can’t have a balance of capitalism with social justice, moderated by our government. I defy the far right to point to the country where the corporations are in charge, and democracy thrives.

It seems the far right has different goals than they claim. They are not, in fact, concerned about our “Freedoms” or the Founding Fathers or flag pins or any of the other faux patriotic nonsense they use to hide their hatred for social equality. Their very policies have undermined democracy at every turn. We can’t have democracy without a reasonable measure of government oversight. It isn’t possible. The last 8 years sealed that deal, if anyone was in doubt.

The right doesn’t like it when we call this country a democracy. These folks jumped the democracy shark a long time ago. They haven’t proven that government doesn’t work, only that it doesn’t work under them. They’ve proven they can’t be trusted with the reigns of government.

We need to put the healthcare back into the hands of the doctors and out of the Wall Street and shareholders, whose fiduciary responsibility it is to make a profit, not care for people. As Bill Moyers pointed out last night on Bill Maher, the healthcare crisis and issue of reform confronts us primarily with a moral issue. We’re in this together. We need to place a premium on moral order.

Those are the values of MY country. And I want it back.

Medicare for all. Teddy would have wanted it that way.

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Almost Half of Town Hall Protesters Can’t Find Iraq on a Map

Aug 28 2009 Published by under Featured News

The Omaha City Weekly recently went to Sen. Ben Nelson’s town hall meeting and conducted an interesting experiment. They asked 40 attendees who were pro-healthcare reform, and 40 who were anti-reform to find Iraq on a map. While 75% of those who favor reform could locate Iraq, 52.2% of those who are anti could not.

Here is how the City Weekly described their quiz, “Presented a blank map of the Middle East and surrounding area – one with county names removed – those attending the town hall were asked to point out Iraq, a country where we have waged war for over six years. The idea was that those who consider themselves to be well informed on the state of America today should at least be able to identify a place where we have shed blood in a conflict that has lasted longer than our involvement in World War II.”

The results were not surprising, “A full 75%, 30 of 40 pro-reform attendees, could identify Iraq in its rather eye-catching, dead center position on the map. Only 52.5 %, 21 of 40 anti-reformers could do so.” What is more interesting is that the pro-reformers were more lighthearted and agreeable to taking the quiz. The anti-reform group sneered, glowered, and four people accused the quiz of being biased.

This quiz while completely unscientific does illustrate a large point about how well informed each side of this debate is. The anti-reform side, for the most part, has bought into the misinformation campaign of the GOP and right wing talk radio. The pro side tends to be more fact based. The antis are uninformed to the point where I am convinced that they do not know what they are protesting against.

When people show up at town halls and make statements like don’t let socialism take away my Social Security and Medicare, they are showing how misguided they are, but I am not calling this people dumb or stupid.

They have been misled by the places where they get their information. Their fear is being manipulated and exploited to maintain the status quo. Instead of being a shining example of democracy, they illustrate the power of fear.

(H/T: Think Progress)

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