Lou Dobbs Completely Misses the Point of Jon Stewart’s Satire

Jul 30 2009 Published by under Featured News

On his radio show today Lou Dobbs got it all wrong when he praised Jon Stewart of The Daily Show for accurately reporting his Obama citizenship comments. The problem is that Stewart was making fun of Dobbs, not reporting what Dobbs was saying. Here is the audio of Dobbs and the video of Jon Stewart.

Here is the audio of Dobbs from Media Matters:

Dobbs said, “The only news organization to report what I said besides Bill O’Reilly’s show was Jon Stewart to report that I said he’s a citizen. I believe he’s a citizen. Listen to what Jon Stewart did, he had a lot of fun with that and, but he did it with wit and humor, and I’ve got all the respect in the world for Jon Stewart because what he does, he does intelligently, unlike The Huffington Post I mean all these left wing screwballs who are in advocacy groups and the left wing media.”

Here is the video from The Daily Show of Stewart deconstructing Dobbs’ argument:

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As you can see Stewart was not reporting anything, he was exposing Dobbs’ for what he is, a birther. Stewart was mocking Dobbs, yet Lou either doesn’t get it, or is pretending not to. Jon Stewart has said repeatedly in interviews that he does a fake news show, and he practically begs his audience to not rely on his program as a factual source for information.

Yet, here we have Lou Dobbs, who is so desperate for validation that he plays a piece of a comedy segment, which by the way is about who is the bigger right wing douche, to somehow validate his claims of left wing media bias. I think this move clearly establishes Dobbs as the biggest right wing douche of all. I know it is tough to put anyone ahead of Glenn Beck and his claim that the half white Obama hates white people, but I think that Dobbs wins by a nose.

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