Birther G. Gordon Liddy Calls Obama an Illegal Alien

Jul 23 2009 Published by under Featured News

Right wing talk show host G. Gordon Liddy was on Hardball today claiming that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Liddy said that Obama’s parents intentionally posted a false birth announcement in the Hawaii newspaper, and that Obama is an illegal alien. Host Chris Matthews smashed through this crack pot theory. Check out the video.

Here is the video:

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Liddy first made the bogus claim that you can’t get a passport with a certificate of live birth, which Matthews shot down. Liddy’s whole theory is based on a so called deposition from Obama’s step grandmother that she was present while he was born in Kenya, and the claim a certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate.

Liddy said, “The preponderance of the evidence is as follows you’ve got a deposition which is a sworn statement from the step grandmother which says I was present and saw him born in Mombasa, Kenya. You’ve got the certificate of live birth, that they have here, not a birth certificate, says right on it certificate of live birth.”

He also tried to explain away the birth announcement, “Well, I would want my child born in the United States, or I would want people to think he was born in the United States so that he could have all the advantages of being a United States citizen.” Using Liddy’s logic, Matthews concluded that if Obama wasn’t born here, and not naturalized, then he is here illegally. Liddy called Obama an illegal alien.

Matthews asked the key question. Why would everybody lie going back to 1961, and no one gave away the story? Matthews other guest E. Steven Collins pointed out that if Obama was an Irish-American, Polish-American, or German-American, there would be no discussion of his citizenship. He said many people in this nation still can’t accept the fact that an African-American is the Commander in Chief.

G. Gordon Liddy certainly sounded like a crazy crack pot old man. He had absolutely no evidence that Obama isn’t a citizen, and appeared to have never seen the actual evidence that Obama is. More so, he didn’t seem to be aware that a certificate of live birth is a legally accepted document. I think we all know how Chris Matthews is. He is going to run this story into the ground. What I want to know is where Matthews, MSNBC, and CNN were when these theories were running wild last year?

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