Pat Buchanan: Todd Palin Should Drown Levi Johnston

Jul 13 2009 Published by under Featured News

Leave it to former Nixon speechwriter Pat Buchanan to come up with the most extreme solution for the Palin’s Levi Johnston problem. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Buchanan said, “Todd Palin ought to take Levi down to the creek and hold his head under the water until the thrashing stops.” Pat was joking, sort of.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

The hate for Levi is because he was on the Today show this morning:

Johnston said, “There’s been a few times, even after even before, she was talking about you know it is a very stressful job, and I can understand that, and then after the campaign and things, we had tons of offers coming in from everybody out there, and all kinds of ridiculous things, and there’s been talk about it’d be nice to take the money and run, and do like a reality show maybe, or something easier. She speaks her mind. She’s an incredible lady, but um, there are times that she’s not up-front with everybody, but for the most part she is…. She means a lot to me. I do just about anything for her, but I really don’t think I’d vote for her if she ran for President.”

The Palin camp has called this pure fantasy on Johnston’s part, and they have also repeatedly accused him of trying cash in off of Palin, which means that it would be hypocritical if money is real reason why she resigned. If Sarah Palin wants to go off and make money, that’s her right, but she should at least be honest about her reasons, instead of peddling a bunch of baloney about doing what is right for Alaska.

As far as Pat Buchanan is concerned, this is why MSNBC pays him the big bucks. They want him to be the extreme conservative. Beneath his dark humor, there is a valid point. If Palin does run for president in 2012, her campaign could be plagued with a Levi problem if keeps getting in front of every TV camera out there. The last thing Sarah Palin needs is Levi Johnston nipping at her ankles , and questioning her motives.

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