Ann Coulter: Sarah Palin is Crystal Clear, Well Spoken, and Clever

Jul 10 2009 Published by under Featured News

Ann Coulter was on Glenn Beck’s Fox News today defending Sarah Palin, who she said, “crystal clear and well spoken” in her press conference. Coulter also called Palin clever and well spoken. Was there some sort of hidden meaning in Palin’s press conference that only Coulter understood? Palin was so clear that most people still can’t figure out that press conference.

Coulter said of Palin’s resignation, “I think it’s very clever. I think she explained herself very clearly. I mean it was very weird to me. I watched her press conference. It seemed crystal clear, well spoken as she always is, without a single note, certainly without a teleprompter, and you know she said she has been subject to endless petty ethics complaints.”

Coulter explained why quitting is a virtue, “She gets cleared on all of them, and yet it’s eating up the state of Alaska’s time and money, millions of dollars to the taxpayers of Alaska. She can’t get anything done, it’s cost her personally half a million dollars, so as she said she is passing the ball to a fantastic Lt. Governor, every bit as right wing as she is, but who doesn’t bring out the left wing’s neurosis. I am sure the citizens and taxpayers definitely of Alaska are very happy with this. Now she can write her book, give speeches, and you maybe she’ll run in 2012, maybe she’ll run 20 years from now.”

As has been pointed out elsewhere, the ethics complaints didn’t cost taxpayers 2 million dollars. Palin arrived at that number by counting all hours that were worked regardless of what they were working on. Ann Coulter was trying to explain why quitting is a good thing, but I do agree with her that many people in Alaska are probably happy that Palin is gone, because maybe now they can have a governor who is actually interesting in doing the job.

By the way, working without a teleprompter or written remarks might seem like a virtue to Ann Coulter, but this is the exact reason why Palin’s press conference made no sense to anyone who isn’t an extreme Palin apologist. You can tell just how far the right wing has fallen when they dig up Ann Coulter and put her on television.

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