Tammy Bruce Uses G-8 Photo to Compare Barack Obama and Sarah Palin

Jul 10 2009 Published by under Featured News

On her radio show today, Tammy Bruce claimed that the bogus photo of Barack Obama looking at a teenage girl’s backside is an exposure of Barack Obama’s nature. She said, “Let me tell you another president who will never be caught ogling someone’s ass, President Palin.” She also compared Obama to Bill Clinton.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Bruce said, “Michele Obama she chooses things that are odd that can not be used in a variety of scenarios, like $500 tennis shoes, you’re not going to wear those into the garden, honey, and $6,000 handbags, you’re not going to carry that into the J Crew. Well, then a picture emerged which explained, which made the $6,000 clutch. It made a little bit more sense. A photograph emerging of Barack Obama ogling the derriere of a 16 year old girl while he is effectively on a stage…both of these men had no problem in front of a bank of cameras doing that.”

She claimed that this revealed Obama’s true nature, “Barack Obama has been in office for 5 months, supposedly it is the most wonderful relationship in the world, and here is this man having no problem, see I see this not as funny thing. I see this as an exposure of the nature of this guy. Yes I do. Let me tell you somebody who never did this, President Reagan. Let me tell you another president who will never be caught ogling someone’s ass, President Palin, that’s right, that’s right.”

Bruce claimed that Michele Obama is a deeply troubled woman who has a confidence and self esteem issue. Bruce went on to compare Obama to Bill Clinton. Of course, Bruce’s description of the circumstances surrounding the photo is completely wrong. Obama wasn’t standing on a stage. He was trying to navigate some stairs.

How exactly does Tammy Bruce know that Michele Obama has self esteem issues? She doesn’t. She inferred that Michele Obama does by the shoes she wears and the handbag she carries. Bruce demonstrated that she is insane by referring to Sarah Palin as President Palin. Bruce concocted a fantasy to go with a misleading picture of Barack Obama.

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