Jeb Bush: Obama is NOT more popular than my brother!

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A vacuum left by Palin’s erratically confusing exit from her aborted (she may be pro-choice, after all!) first term as Gov of Alaska has caused GOP party members look to Jeb Bush as the new leader of their party.

Wow, that’s fresh. Just how long does it take for the stink of failed policies and epic lies to wear off, anyway?

Jeb isn’t bitter that he wasn’t President and his brother was….(we are)…..but he’s not so keen on Obama’s popularity. Jeb’s New Idea is that Obama should have told people about all of the money he was going to spend on bail outs! Yeah, that liar. Oh, wait….

Market Crash October, 2008

Wow, Obama sure had that plan under wraps. Apparently, Obama, The Gifted Seer of All, knew what the Republicans in charge did not. He sure is sneaky, That One. He really should have included his “Help, Bush Ruined Our Economy!” Plan in his original (2006) platform. You can’t trust the Dems. I mean, the Largest Bank Bail Out — Oh, right. Under Jeb’s bro. Hmmm…

Jeb Bush was asked, “Why is he (Obama) so popular now?”

He answered, “First of all, who cares? His popularity is no greater — in fact it’s less — than what my brother’s was during the beginning of his tenure, in a time of unbelievable friction, if you think about it, because of the 2000 election. His approval ratings were higher than Barack Obama’s during his first one hundred days. [Actually, according to Gallup, during the first hundred days of his presidency, Bush had approval ratings that were generally in the high 50s to low 60s, while Obama’s were in the low to mid-60s.]

My guess is that there will be a push back. I think in general there was a period of time when the only new ideas were Republican ideas. It wasn’t that long ago. ”

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That’s Republican Ministry of Truth for you; Quitting ain’t quitting and being less popular is more popular and WMD were found…oh, boy. I’m getting a headache.

Hey, Jeb….Just what were those ideas? You mean, “free” markets (socialism for the super rich) and fiscal “conservatism” (stop taxing huge corporations, spend a ton in govt contracts we gave to our buddies, and hide the budget for the war!) and “small government” (no money for education but lots of expensive, but ineffective new departments, like DHS! Oh, and we tell ya’ who you can marry, who you can sleep with, and what to do with your body).

Gee. I think America said “thanks, but no thanks” to that bridge to nowhere.

How’s that big heapin’ dish o’ denial working for y’all?

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