The Next Stop On Palin’s Crazy Talk Express

Jul 07 2009 Published by under Featured News


Seriously, Republicans…Really?

The Republicans are trying to sell us on their Secessionist Sweetheart, Sarah Palin, as Presidential material in 2012. They’re working every media outlet they can, utilizing their “co-opt the language” method of re-branding a bad thing into a good thing.

We’re being told that it’s not quitting when Sarah quits! It’s brave and courageous and brilliant! They tell us it doesn’t matter that she quit, or in Republicanese, “She had a higher calling” (the thinking nation shares a nervous shudder at the religious reference). They tell us it doesn’t matter that she has a distant relationship with the truth, or in Republicanese, “She’s a working class hero!” They tell us that she is a “whack job! diva!”, or in Republicanese, “She’s is a hockey mom!

What else do the Republicans already know, prior to selling us on the great white dope for President? Let’s see: She can’t name a news paper she’s read. She lied about her husband’s seven year involvement with the secessionist party and expected them to lie to us about it. She was found guilty of abusing the power of her office when she fired someone who would not carry out her vindictive punishment of her ex-brother-in-law (by the way, she had been ordered by a judge to “cease and desist” harassing said brother-in-law long before the Troopergate scandal broke). The Republicans told her to charge herself with the Troopergate violation again so they could intimidate the second investigation into finding her not guilty. Just so we’re clear, they know she abused her power. They don’t care about that. What they care about is the branding of it.

They know she is a liar. They know she abuses her power. They know she is uneducated, misinformed, and incurious. They know she has a troubled relationship with reality. And this is who they are running in 2012?

Just today she claimed she wanted to be in the White House because…(wait for it….no, seriously, you should sit down)……

“If she were in the White House, she said, the “Department of Law” would protect her from baseless ethical allegations. “I think on a national level, your Department of Law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we’ve been charged with and automatically throw them out, ” she said.

Okay, see, I didn’t need any more than just that ONE single paragraph to know I would never, ever, ever vote for this human being to be in charge of anything. Let’s review the Crazy, shall we?

There is no “Department of Law” at the White House. Anyone who thinks they are fit to run for the highest office in the land should know this NOW. ALREADY. Kind of like how they should know whether Africa is a continent or a country. You shouldn’t have to go to school to learn basic civics if your party thinks you might be the very best they have to offer as leader of this great, but deeply troubled, country.

Sarah Palin refers to herself as the royal “We”. Since she does this consistently, it’s disturbing. Many references were made in the recent Vanity Fair article (as they have been throughout Palin’s life) to her suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As an aside, a fun Saturday night can be had googling NPD and taking a drink for every match of the signs and symptoms of this mental disease to Palin’s Dramatic Displays of the Poutraged Poujadist.

Yes, I said mental disease.

When the residents of Wasilla initiated a recall campaign against Palin for abusing her power, residents said that Palin treated her Mayorship like a coronation, not as an elected official. Gee, she likes crowns a lot. I sure wish she would have won the Beauty Contest up there in Alaska. Maybe we could have all been spared the horror of having her offered up as a real candidate for President! Oh, that reminds me that the McCain aides took to calling her “Little Shop of Horrors”. This is who they are telling us they will run for President. Or, Queen, I guess.

Palin wants to be President/Queen so she can have power. Against those mean private citizens and journalists. Remember when she claimed that her 1st Amendment rights were being infringed upon when the media asked her questions? HRH has no grasp of the most fundamental aspect of our government. The very foundation of this country! The right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of peaceful assembly!!! Am I the only person hearing alarm bells of the illegally politicized Bush DoJ??? Do we need to have another “leader” who believes the law is what their cronies can spin it into?

And gosh, you’re supposed to want to be President because you have ideas that you think are good ones, not because you want to be protected from allegations. Did I really just need to write that? What in the Hell are the Republicans thinking???

It seems Her Royal Highness Palin only wants this position so she can have the final power to squash her enemies. After all, it takes hubris, pettiness and just general craziness to put out a press release on July Fourth, Independence Day, that you are going to sue a constituent who had the audacity to report that there were rumors about HRH being investigated by the FBI. Because, you know, people…the people…were sort of wondering WHY she suddenly quit.

It’s not as if HRH’s sudden quitting, yes, quitting!, in the middle of her first term of office, wasn’t odd. It was odd. The Presser She gave was even odder, complete with the now required snorting fowl in the background. At least these fowl weren’t being slaughtered… But I digress.

Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Poujadism, is being promoted as a serious contender, but she doesn’t even know that the White House does not have a Department of Law.

What? Are there ANY *%^*&^ requirements at all to run on the Republican ticket for President?

I am shaking as I write this, because I honestly thought maybe the Republicans felt bad about the whole W thing. In 2000, they assigned George Bush to office (elections, apparently, are reserved for third world countries when the Republicans are in charge). OK, W had a drinking problem and a little sniff sniff on the side problem, so he wasn’t their best guy — but that was fine, since they had the Chene-meister behind the scenes to take out their Contract on America. After he was done decimating our morale, our entire financial foundation, the constitution, and any faith we once had in our nation’s democracy, and we are still reeling from the insanity of it all…

They actually peddle this crazy, erratic, vindictive, secessionist, know-nothing as a viable contender for the highest office in the land. Clearly, they don’t feel bad about W at all, because this…this monster is much worse than W.

She wants to be President and they already know she’s crazy.

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