Bill Kristol Predicts Sarah Palin’s Path to the 2012 Presidency

Jul 05 2009 Published by under Featured News

On Fox News Sunday this morning, Weekly Standard editor, and FNC contributor, Bill Kristol predicted Sarah Palin’s path to the White House in 2012. He predicted that Palin would become a leader of conservatives, the leader of the GOP, and then president, just like Obama did. According to Kristol, Palin is just like Obama.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

Kristol said, “Barack Obama ran for Senate in 2004, was elected to the Senate and the moment he was sworn in began running for president of the United States. He had no Senate leadership record to speak of. He didn’t spend much time in the Senate, certainly for the last two years of his term, He effectively had left the Senate by the time he started living in or visiting Iowa and New Hampshire in early 2007, and everyone said ooh, he can’t compete with these people with these long records, and what’s he ever done and Republicans like me we all oh he’s a community organizer, come on a one term Senator. He seems to have gotten elected President of the United States.”

He continued, “I don’t think it is foolish for Palin to think, “You know what, if that’s the world we live in now where people don’t value — maybe correctly — experience in years of experience in Washington, or two terms counts more than two and half years as Governor of Alaska. Maybe she thinks she gets out there and becomes a leader of the conservative movement, and then a leader of the Republican Party, and then conceivably a nominee of the Republican Party, and then conceivably a president just as Obama did.”

Kristol left out two key points. One, even while running for president, Obama kept his office. Obama didn’t quit the Senate after two years to run for president. Two, while Obama was a relative unknown in 2007, Palin has already been defined in the minds of voters by her run with John McCain in 2008. Palin is already a known quantity with voters, a majority of them already decided that she isn’t qualified to be vice president, much less president.

His comparison of Palin and Obama is the pipe dream of a desperate Republican looking for a savior. Obama was already more qualified to be president when he started to run, than Palin is now. Two years in Alaska does not equal being a U.S. Senator. Of course, Kristol’s predictions are a joke. Kristol’s predicted that Ted Stevens would keep his Senate seat in Alaska, Gov. Jennifer Granholm would be Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, and biggest of all, Obama would never beat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

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