MSNBC: Palin to Quit Politics

Jul 03 2009 Published by under Featured News

The bizarre story of Sarah Palin’s resignation continues to grow as MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell is reporting that people close to Sarah Palin have told her that Palin is completely fed up with politics, and is leaving political life for good. If you believe that Sarah Palin is really going to leave national politics for good, I have a bridge to sell you.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Mitchell said, “In fact, I have been told a very different take on this. Talking to people who are very close to Sarah Palin, I have been told that she has told her supporters that she is out of politics, period. She is fed up with politics. She doesn’t like her life. She feels like she has to raise her family. She’s sick of the commute from Wasilla to the capital and she really does not want to run for higher office. This is not the case where she is stepping down in order to figure the way for a presidential run. In fact, she has told some of her biggest backers in the national Republican Party that they are free to choose other candidates for 2012.”

Mitchell also reported that Palin started telling people close to her a week or two ago that she was out of politics. Sarah Palin might be saying this now, but I don’t think that she will stay gone for long. Politics is a drug for many of these politicians, and I don’t think that she will be able to stay away for very long. If the Palin people are planting this story with Andrea Mitchell in the hopes of establishing a narrative of Palin as the outsider, it won’t work.

Much like everything else surrounding Sarah Palin, this story is getting bizarre. It is hard to believe that Palin, who has touted her toughness, would get fed up and quit, never to return again. My guess is that Palin will find a way to stay in the spotlight, maybe through getting a television show, and then she will run for president as the outsider candidate.

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