RNC Chairman Steele Accuses the Democrats of Hijacking Elections

Jul 01 2009 Published by under Featured News

Last night RNC Chairman Michael Steele was on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show and everything was going fine until Steele misunderstood a question about Democratic voters flooding the 2012 GOP primaries, which he answered by accusing the Democrats of hijacking elections at their whim. It is rather ironic that the Republicans are complaining after their activities in the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004.

Here is the audio courtesy of Think Progress:

Steele said, “Well, you know, I think you raise a very important and frightening concern here, and that is the Democrats have spent the last six to eight years building in place an infrastructure to allow them to basically hijack elections at their whim. They started by focusing on targeting secretary of state races around the country. They’ve got a majority of those. And now when you have an ACORN situation flare up, what do you have, the secretary of state going well, there’s no problem here. I don’t understand why everybody’s all upset.”

Of course, he blamed ACORN, “Well, yeah, you’re part of a growing process that basically land locks these elections in such a way that they basically walk out of the election with the votes that they need. And the activity by groups like ACORN goes unnoticed. What I’ve started to do is focus our counsel, focus our legal opportunities around the country on exactly those behaviors, and we’re putting in place a strategy now to be competitive, shall we say, when it comes to protecting the rights of voters out there, and the process itself, protecting our candidates so we don’t have more Norm Coleman situations where votes are counted one way in one part of the state, and counted another way in another part, or they have activities by groups like an ACORN, or individuals like George Soros through their funding, to help them augment the taking of these elections.”

Steele claims that Republicans are losing elections, not because they have no ideas and are fielding terrible candidates, but it is all the fault of ACORN and George Soros. Let me clue Republicans in on something here. If Norm Coleman was a decent incumbent senator, he would have never lost to a comedian turned first time candidate.

ACORN did not cost the Republicans the Senate election in Minnesota. It is interesting that Steele has this whole conspiracy theory, but he can’t point out the elections that the Democrats are hijacking. Democrats are the people who are engaging in campaigns across the country at the state level designed to disenfranchise poor voters.

The Republican Party is so far gone that they are using conspiracy theories to keep themselves in denial about why they are continuing to lose elections. Democrats don’t have to steal elections. The Republicans are giving them easy wins by being in complete disarray. Republicans aren’t giving voters a reason to vote Republican, and their conspiracy theories are only serving to turn off more voters.

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