Limbaugh Claims the Senate Election in Minnesota was Stolen Like in Iran

Jun 30 2009 Published by under Featured News

Rush Limbaugh reacted to the news the news that Al Franken has been certified the winner of the Minnesota Senate race by the state Supreme Court by comparing the Minnesota recount to the recount in the Iranian presidential election. He claims this election was stolen from Coleman. I believe that Limbaugh loves the GOP more than he loves America.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “Look at this from Iran’s press run television, state run media in Iran. Ahmadinejad gains votes in recount, just like in our country. It happened just like in our country. Norm Coleman wins in Minnesota in a recount, so they keep having recounts, and Al Franken wins, so they have the recount in Iran and shazam Ahmadinejad gained votes.”

Of course, Rush’s version isn’t exactly how it happened. Franken won the original recount, and has continued to win recounts as Norm Coleman, likely at the request of the national GOP, has continued to drag this process out. Franken will be the 60th Democratic senator, so the GOP is trying to block seating him for as long as possible.

Can you believe the patriotism of Rush Limbaugh? He is now comparing the democratic process of the United States of America to a rigged election in Iran. The opposition in Iran would love to have had the opportunities that Norm Coleman has had.

Even though it has taken months, the Coleman/Franken contest is an example of democracy in action. I never used to believe the stuff about Limbaugh hating America, but comments like this really make me wonder if he does love the GOP more that his own country.

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