Savage: Obama Orchestrated Ensign and Sanford’s Affairs

Jun 26 2009 Published by under Featured News

In an attempt to top Rush Limbaugh’s claim yesterday that President Obama was behind Republican Gov. Mark Sanford’s affair, today Michael Savage claimed that Obama orchestrated both Sanford and John Ensign’s affair to take out potential Republican challengers for his reelection in 2012.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Savage said, “We’re also going to talk about the hit job on Gov. Sanford. Yes he committed adultery by admission, but you have to ask yourself a few questions. How did his local paper get his private emails, number one? Number two, they say they have known about this since December, but they held off releasing this information until now. So you have to ask yourself, why did the press just now get around to exposing the scandal of Gov. Sanford?”

He continued, “The answer distraction. You see Obama’s numbers are falling. He can’t get his Obamacare socialized medicine package through Congress, because America has finally awakened to who he actually is, so now is the time for a diversion while his group regroups. Moreover, there is an additional purpose, in addition to distracting the public from Obama’s failures with N. Korea and Iran. The fact is that Obama’s team is taking out potential rivals one after another.”

Savage moved on to his conspiracy, “Just last week the media jumped on the story of Sen. Ensign of Nevada and his infidelity. He was considered to be a possible Republican candidate for president in ‘012. Now Mark Sanford who had similar ambitions caught in a similar situation. This is politics at its worst brought to us by the worst administration, the meanest administration, the most closed administration, the most competent administration in American history.”

Did you notice that Savage called the administration competent? I guess the truth managed to sneak out of his subconscious. Obama isn’t behind the fact that a couple of Republicans couldn’t keep it in their pants. I’ll tell you why the newspaper didn’t run with the emails months ago. It’s called verification of facts. I would bet my bottom dollar that someone in the governor’s own office leaked those emails.

When you have a situation where a governor is lying to his own staff, emails will be leaked. Obama’s numbers aren’t even close to dropping, and how can healthcare be dead when the bill hasn’t been submitted to Congress yet? Ensign or Sanford would have been destroyed by Obama in 2012. He doesn’t need to take out his rivals. He has nothing to fear from any of the Republicans.

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