Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann Freak Out Over the 2010 Census

Jun 25 2009 Published by under Featured News

Michele Bachmann was on Glenn Beck’s Fox News show today, and the result was an absolute panic over the 2010 Census. Beck worried that by not filling out the Census the government could take away his gun. Bachmann also continued to claim that the Census information could used to put Americans into internment camps.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Beck tried to worry people with the threat of a fine for not filling out the Census. Beck asked if there are any other ramifications for not filling out the Census. Bachmann answered, “Let me give you two ramifications Glenn, the US Census Department told my office that if you fail to fill out this form, you will receive approximately six contacts from them either through phone calls or they will knock on your door. If you still do not give them the information they said they will contact your neighbor to the left of you, to the right of you to get information.”

She continued, “Here is the other thing that will happen. From history the United States government between 1942 and 1947 passed the second War Powers Act. They used the US Census information to round up the Japanese and put them in the internment camps. Americans were told that they would have their information used against them. They did.”

Beck and Bachmann conceded that no one has ever been fined for not filling out the Census, so the worst punishment one can face is that the Census people will annoy you. Oh God no, not six calls or visits from Census takers.

Doesn’t it undercut Bachmann’s entire privacy argument, if the government is able to get the information they need by asking your neighbors? How much confidential information can your neighbors know about you? I hate to tell Michele Bachmann this, but if she has filled out an income tax form, Uncle Sam has her phone number. Heck, if the government wants to, they can listen to her phone calls.

Beck and Bachmann are the Ken and Barbie of conspiracy theorists. Bachmann continues to confuse the Census with the American Community Survey, which is not sent to every American. Bachmann and Beck don’t care about facts. They are out weave a giant Obama, ACORN, Census, concentration camps conspiracy theory that is as silly as it is crazy.

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