“As Far as the Eye Can See”; The Human Spirit Marches for Justice

Jun 15 2009 Published by under Featured News

“As Far As the Eye Can See”; The Human Spirit Marches for Justice

Election protesters in Iran march peacefully (for the most part) and brilliantly chant a thank you to the police. They demand a recount. The thrill of watching the endless stream of human beings put it all on the line for justice is overwhelmingly inspiring and shaming at the same time. Oh, where were we in 2000?

The human spirit always longs for freedom and justice. The protest we’re witnessing right now is a result of pure, raw humanity at its best. It’s universal. It’s something we all share. Pondering the immense power of the human spirit gives rise to great hope. Dare I say, hope for a different world in the future?

At the risk of sounding like a progressive naïf, the protests going on in Iran right now move me deeply. As Americans, and indeed citizens of the entire world, reach out to the Iranian people via Twitter, FB, cell, etc, we aid them in their fight for freedom.

What may appear to be simple sharing of information feels more like a paradigm shift of epic proportions to me. We are communicating with the younger generation of Iranians. We’re supporting their desire to get out information, we’re supporting their right to have every vote counted accurately. We’re working together.

How easy it is to see our brother or sister in our Iranian friends, as their impressive passion for justice reminds us of our own feelings in 2000 and 2004. I remember well the isolation I felt during 2000 especially. The internet was not what it is now. I wonder how differently things would have gone…

Instead of the right’s “war on terror”, we are having a uniting movement for justice. How much more powerful and undeniable unity is. An “enemy” is converted to a friend though common goals.

What changes will come as the younger generation of Iranians grow up, knowing the world was watching, the world cared?

I’m not prone to this kind of optimism, normally, so writing these words feels at once hopelessly naïve, but also full of the deep truth war needs us to forget.

We are one.

I know things will not go smoothly, I’m all too aware of the problems and dangers facing the world right now, but at this moment… at this particular moment, I’m overcome with the sheer, undeniable power of hope and unity.

I’ll take it.

Peace Out.

Edited to add: I am deeply saddened to see the latest headline that a gunman opened up at a rally. My thoughts are with all of the Iranians; I wish them safety and justice. One gunman can’t undo what’s happening on a global level.

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