Limbaugh Tells Sean Hannity That He Still Wants Obama to Fail

Jun 03 2009 Published by under Featured News

Rush Limbaugh continued his unpatriotic ranting on Hannity tonight. Limbaugh told host Sean Hannity that he still wants Obama to fail, and America’s success is based on Obama’s failure.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “I don’t hide from it. I do want, and I still want Obama to fail…All these other people, Republicans say that is a terrible thing we want the president to succeed. Ok, you want him to succeed. Does that mean that you want Sotomayor on the Supreme Court? Does that mean you want the government to run the mortgage business in America, having control over most of the banking system? Do you want the government making automobiles that nobody wants to buy, because that’s Obama succeeding. If you want the president, Barack Obama, to succeed then you want the government taking over more and more of the average daily life of the American people. I don’t want that.”

He continued, “I define America succeeding by virtue of Obama failing. I love America. I want everyone to succeed. He is making it harder for that to happen particularly Sean the middle class. We can talk about what he plans to do the rich, the people who make $250,000 or more, but he’s closing of the American Dream to people.”

After seeing that answer it is amazing that Limbaugh even has a 30% favorability rating. His rant was a mixture of lies and delusions. The lie was that Obama took over the financial sector. We all know that the Bush administration was responsible for the bailout, and the delusion is that Obama and the government are going to be telling the auto industry what kinds of cars to produce, and that people don’t want to buy smaller cars.

I would love to know how Obama is hurting the middle class by lower their taxes. What policy has Obama undertaken that will harm the middle class? Rush Limbaugh doesn’t love America. He loves his wealthy Republican version of America. I would love to see Rush go on a real news show and be interviewed by an actually journalist, instead of the perpetually clueless Sean Hannity, but that would take knowledge and courage, both of which Limbaugh lacks.

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