Rush Limbaugh: Obama Bitch Slapped the Auto Industry

Jun 02 2009 Published by under Featured News

Today on his radio show Rush Limbaugh claimed that Barack Obama bitched slapped and whipped the auto industry into accepting CAFE standards. He also claimed that Obama may ban people from buying Hummers. That bully Obama is trying to get the automakers to produce cars that people might actually buy, gasp!!!

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “Obama grabbed all of these state controlled industries behind him in a ceremony in the Rose Garden to announce speeding up new CAFE standards. Now the people standing behind him he said had all come together and they had all agreed. It was a wonderful thing. They had no choice. They were bitch slapped into agreeing. They were whipped into agreeing, and here’s the bottom line, the new CAFE standards go into effect a year earlier than they were scheduled to, and they are stricter.”

Rush then quoted from an article that stated that Hummer had become an extremely toxic asset because it had fallen out of favor with consumers, while at the same time he was complaining that Obama might ban sales of the Hummer in the US. If I understand this correctly, Limbaugh is complaining about better fuel efficiency and lamenting a brand that consumers had turned their backs on.

The CAFE standards are a good thing, as is getting the American auto industry to make vehicles that people might actually want to buy. It seems that Limbaugh was advocating for the government to risk taxpayer money by allowing GM and Chrysler to continue to make the same mistakes that bankrupted them in the first place. The auto industry needed to be bitch slapped, and in Limbaugh’s mind Obama is the villain for trying to get Detroit to make better cars.

The problem for Limbaugh is once again, those pesky facts. Obama has never said that he would ban gas guzzlers like the Hummer. This is something that Rush and other Republicans have created out of their imaginations. It is almost poetic that a talk show host that has no original ideas would defend the creatively bankrupt American auto industry. It is almost like Rush Limbaugh and the Big 3 are a perfect fit.

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