Anti-Abortion Groups Celebrate the Murder of George Tiller

Jun 01 2009 Published by under Featured News

On Sunday morning late term abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was gunned down while he served as an usher at church in Wichita, KS. While several anti-abortion groups have expressed their shock and dismay over Tiller’s murder, others such as Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, and Operation Save America have blamed Tiller for causing his own death.

In a statement Terry said, “George Tiller was a mass-murderer. We grieve for him that he did not have time to properly prepare his soul to face God. I am more concerned that the Obama Administration will use Tiller’s killing to intimidate pro-lifers into surrendering our most effective rhetoric and actions. Abortion is still murder. And we still must call abortion by its proper name; murder.”

He continued, “Those men and women who slaughter the unborn are murderers according to the Law of God. We must continue to expose them in our communities and peacefully protest them at their offices and homes, and yes, even their churches.” There is a difference between protesting against someone, and murdering them.

Another statement of hate came from Operation Save America, “What was an abortionist doing “in” church, any church…being allowed, welcomed, even venerated? This man killed babies for a living. He charged large sums of money to do it. Then he went to “church,” made large contributions, and the “church” ( Reformation Lutheran Church) accepted it??” Pastor Mark Holick, Spirit One Christian Center, & OSA.

Rev. Flip Benham, Director of Operation Save America said, “No doubt the media will paint every Christian, who loves life and lives out that belief in the streets of his city, as a wild-eyed, lunatic, fanatic bent on shooting abortionists. They will attempt to silence the voice of many by using the violence of one. This ploy is the devil’s straw man.”

The people who are celebrating Tiller’s death are also claiming to be doing God’s work with their opposition to abortion. How can they not see the obvious hypocrisy in their positions? They should be appalled by the murder of another human being, no matter what he did for a living. Instead, they are frightened that Tiller’s murder will hurt their jihadist crusade against abortion.

For his part President Obama said, “However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence.” Obama is correct. Most anti-abortion groups were quick to put out statements denouncing the violence, but a few radicals think this is a day to celebrate, but I don’t think murder and domestic terrorism are anything that should be celebrated.

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