David Duke Blasts Rush, Calls Sotomayor the Real Racist

Jun 01 2009 Published by under Featured News

On Friday Rush Limbaugh compared Obama Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor to white supremacist and former KKK member David Duke. Of course, this outraged Duke who claimed that Sotomayor is the real racist.

Here is the video of Limbaugh:

Duke first blasted Limbaugh, “Limbaugh, a recent addict to illegal drugs, has no business making personal attacks against me for my past. I have consistently supported true equal rights, stating again and again that I support the best-qualified person regardless of race in hiring and promotions.”

Later Duke claimed Sotomayor is the real racist, “Once again, the hypocrisy is clear. Imagine if a White nominee for Supreme Court Justice said that he believed White judges would be more likely to reach better decisions than Black or Mexican judges. He would not have a chance in hell to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Why should she?”

We now have a former Grand Wizard of the KKK claiming that he is less of racist than Sotomayor. Does everyone now understand why these attacks have no credibility, and not a single Republican Senator will echo them? Rush Limbaugh has now moved so far to the right that he is David Duke country, and even Duke doesn’t want him there.

There is a certain level of humor and absurdity to this whole thing. It is obvious is still a white supremacist and racist. He has the history and website to prove it. Duke’s whole ignore that whole KKK thing, I really do support equality, is an absolute lie, but Rush is out there appealing to the GOP base, which currently appears to be evangelicals and white supremacists.

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