Mitch McConnell Shows His Fear of Rush Limbaugh

May 31 2009 Published by under Featured News

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell was on CNN’s State of the Union today, where he revealed that he is afraid of Rush Limbaugh. When asked about Limbaugh’s attacks on Sotomayor, McConnell said he had better things to do than to tell his party to stop calling Sotomayor a racist.

Here is the video of McConnell courtesy of Think Progress:

When asked by host John King if Rush and Newt are making it harder on the GOP by calling Sotomayor a racist, McConnell answered, “They’re certainly entitled to their opinions. … Look, I’ve got a big job to dealing with 40 senate Republicans and trying to advance a nation’s agenda. I’ve got better things to do than to be the speech police over people who are going to have their views about a very important appointment.”

McConnell has better things to do? Wow, what a lame excuse. Why doesn’t he say that, even he, as the Republican leader of the Senate is terrified of getting into a confrontation with Limbaugh? I do agree that Rush is entitled to his opinions, but the Senate GOP leader should have the courage to say that he disagrees with the opinion of a talk show host.

No one is asking McConnell to do anything other than express his opinion, of Sotomayor and is too frightened of Limbaugh to do even that. I think McConnell’s comments are symptomatic of the problems inside the Republican Party. Every time someone claims that Rush isn’t running the GOP, one only has to point to this exchange as proof of his vast power.

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