Keith Olbermann and Arianna Huffington Analyze Rush Limbaugh

May 28 2009 Published by under Featured News

On his MSNBC show Countdown tonight, Keith Olbermann expressed concern for Rush Limbaugh’s mental health after the right wing talker declared America a failure because President Obama as succeeding. Check out the video of Arianna Huffington and Keith Olbermann analyzing Rush Limbaugh.

Here is the video:

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Guest Arianna Huffington brought up a really great point when it comes to understanding Rush Limbaugh through the years. She said, “I think, in a sense, if you look at what he has been saying through the years, there has never been any logic to it, because is all about code words. It is about buzz words. It’s about appealing to the worst instincts in his audience, and that is what is really so sad, and kind of dangerous.”

Later she added, “We can’t be expected to understand Rush Limbaugh in normal rational terms, because it is not about the head, it is about the gut. If you carefully look at his words, it words like Obama is raping the private sector. If you are a small businessman you have a target on your back. These are very emotional words that appeal to some very dark fears and anxieties in people going through tough times.”

Huffington said that there is no way that the Republican Party will ever regain majorities in Congress by following Rush Limbaugh. This is why the moderate Republicans have split from him. I disagree with Huffington on one key point. I don’t think Limbaugh is dangerous at all. I think he is akin to a clown performing in the center ring of a circus. Rush is dangerous to those who are within his sphere of influence, which is the GOP, but the nation at large, his is nothing more than the voice of the angry, middle aged, white man.

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