Rush Limbaugh Proclaims America a Failure

May 28 2009 Published by under White House

Not content to root only for the failure of President Obama, on his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh declared America a failure because Obama is succeeding. Rush said, “Ladies and gentleman this country is failing because Obama is succeeding.” Rush claimed that the economy is hopeless, and that we are all doomed.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Rush said, “Ladies and gentleman this country is failing because Obama is succeeding. I don’t care how you choose to measure it. There is no hope on the horizon for a job. There is no hope on the horizon for renewed prosperity. There is no hope on the horizon for economic growth…President Obama’s policies will not fail in one regard. They will not fail in impoverishing and enslaving more and more Americans the longer his policies succeed.”

Limbaugh went on to blame Obama for unemployment, home foreclosures, the auto industry, Wall Street, and the bankruptcy of the state of California. Rush also claimed that he was misquoted, “This is the exact kind of success I wanted to fail and everybody who heard me knew exactly what I meant. It is being used by people on our side of the aisle who are scared to death of conservatives. It is being used by them to say that I am driving moderates away. It is being used by people on the left to say that I want America to fail, when everybody in their brain knows exactly what I meant.”

Obviously, Rush has decided that the economy was just fine before Obama took office. He is ignoring the fact that the recession started in December 2007. The National Association for Business Economics released a survey yesterday that projected that the recession will end in the second half of this year. The recession grew under the Republicans, but Rush is deeming Obama a failure for not fixing it in 3 months.

NABE President Chris Varvares said, “While the overall tone remains soft, there are emerging signs that the economy is stabilizing. The survey found that business economists look for the recession to end soon, but that the economic recovery is likely to be considerably more moderate than those typically experienced following steep declines.” Things aren’t going to be easy, but they are getting better at a slow pace.

This is just one of many projections that say that the economy is stabilizing, but that recovery is going to be slow. Blaming Obama for the decades long problems in the state of California and the auto industry is insane. Blaming Obama for stock markets that are up is delusional. Limbaugh’s cheering against his own country has grown tiresome. He is this close to going down the Bachmann path, by encouraging armed revolution against Obama.

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