Unintentionally Funny GOP Video Uses Abe Lincoln to Attack Barack Obama

May 28 2009 Published by under Featured News

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) the chair of the Republican Study Committee stars in an unintentionally hilarious web video shot in front of the Lincoln Memorial, that tries to use Abraham Lincoln and Obama’s lack of support for hedge funds to claim that Obama is dividing America. If you are wondering how Abraham Lincoln relates to investment firms, join the club.

Here is the video:

What makes this video so funny is the fact Price is so blissfully unaware that most Americans don’t support the investment firms and hedge funds. What they did was look for the only clip that they could find of Obama saying he didn’t stand with someone and turn it into how Obama is dividing America, by not supporting more federal money for investment firms and hedge funds.

What does Abraham Lincoln have to do with this? I am fairly certain that he wasn’t a big defender of hedge funds, because they didn’t exist while he was alive. This was like a bad SNL sketch.

The Republican Study Committee has managed to create a video that makes even less sense with each viewing. They take Abraham Lincoln then add a position that most Americans favor in order to do draw the conclusion that Obama is dividing America. In this case A + B = Q. This video is political comedy gold. An indecipherable point combined with zero production values makes this a classic.

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