Karl Rove Blames Obama for Guantanamo Bay

May 23 2009 Published by under Featured News

After President Obama stated that he had inherited the legal mess of what to do with the GITMO detainees, Karl Rove went on the Brian and the Judge show yesterday and claimed that this was all Obama’s fault, even though it was the Bush administration’s opening of the facility that caused the problem in the first place.

Here is the audio from Think Progress:

Rove said, “What’s ironic to me is that yesterday he said “this is a mess that was left to me by my predecessors.” No. This is a mess, to the extent that it is a mess, left to him by his friends and allies like Attorney General Eric Holder. Remember, there are DOJ appointees of this president who are in court arguing against the government’s position on these kind of things. I mean, it is his friends and allies and in some instances, his appointees who are in court arguing for an expansion of the rights of the terrorists and arguing for an end to the military commissions.”

The man who was once given the nickname Bush’s Brain is looking less and less intelligent every time he speaks. In Rove’s mind, if Obama would have left well enough alone, none of this would have been a problem.

Rove is advocating for the old Bush position of, no rights for detainees, unlimited detention, and leaving GITMO open. However, the Supreme Court had already been whittling away at the Bush position for the past few years, and once the Court gains a few new appointees, it is only a matter of time until they order the facility closed.

The Bush administration created the mess at Guantanamo by opening the facility as legal end around detainee rights. If they never would have opened the facility, these problems would have never happened. It appears that Rove is now trying to pass the blame for the mistakes of the Bush administration on to Obama. This is yet another GOP strategy that is doomed to fail.

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