Keith Olbermann Unloads On Dick Cheney with a Special Comment

May 21 2009 Published by under Featured News

Tonight on his MSNBC show Countdown, host Keith Olbermann dismantled former vice president Dick Cheney’s speech in defense of the Bush administration’s legacy on a point by point basis. Olbermann said that the vice president has humiliated himself beyond dimension. Check out the video.

Here is the video:

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Olbermann destroyed Cheney’s entire argument. I especially enjoyed the way he pointed out how Cheney has passed the buck for responsibility for the failed Bush policies. Olbermann pointed out the loads of hypocrisy in Cheney’s speech, such as the fact that the CIA interrogators are heroes while the soldiers at Abu Ghraib were vilified and thrown under the bus again today.

Then there is the hypocrisy of claiming that all the detainees are guilty and should not have legal rights, but that it is somehow wrong for the actions of the Bush administration to be questioned or investigated.

Olbermann told Cheney, “You saved no one, sir. If the classified documents you seek released really did detail plots other than those manufactured by drowning men in order to get it to stop, or if they truely did denote plans other than the laughable ones that you and President Bush revealed…if those documents contained anything of value, you would have leaked them already, as you leaked those revenge fantasies of the Library Tower, the JFK Bomber, and the Fort Dix Six.”

Olbermann is correct. If those memos contained anything that could validate the Bush/Cheney policies they would have been leaked long ago. Even if they did contain information, can that intelligence be relied on if it was acquired though torture? The reality is that Cheney’s speech wasn’t about taking on the Obama administration’s policies. The point of Cheney’s speech was to save the Bush legacy, while warding off a potential torture investigation.

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