Ed Schultz Debates Ron Paul on The Ed Show

May 20 2009 Published by under Featured News

After Ed Schultz put Rep. Ron Paul in the Psycho Talk segment of his MSNBC show last week, because Paul wants limited federal spending on only constitutionally mandated programs, Rep. Paul came on his show tonight to defend his point, and engage in a passionate debate on the issues. Check this fun piece of video.

Here is the video:

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This was a fun debate where both men were passionate about their positions, but it never got personal or nasty. Both gentlemen made good points, and Dr. Paul did restate his position that his first cuts would be on foreign aid. Paul also made a good point about the corporate farming subsidies that Obama tried to get rid of this year and failed. Schultz had good points about food safety. Schultz was correct in pointing out that Dr. Paul did say that he wanted to eliminate the Agriculture Department.

Schultz was also right on to point out that Rep. Paul’s position is not popular one when it comes to eliminating departments. People want things like food labeling and safety. My favorite part though was when Ron Paul pointed out the Schultz used to be friendlier to him on the radio. It was a debate that got heated, and I am sure that some people with think Schultz was a blow hard, and Paul was crazy, but these are two men who were actually discussing something important on television.

It can be argued that both Paul and Schultz represent the fringes of their parties, but they engaged in a discussion about the role of government. You don’t see that very often on cable news. I think Ron Paul should be a regular guest on The Ed Show. He is a great guest, and I can’t wait until Schultz has him back on to talk about the Fourth Amendment.

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