Limbaugh Calls Arnold Schwarzenegger An Obama Suck Up

May 19 2009 Published by under Featured News

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh continued his purge of impure Republicans by targeting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for supporting President Obama’s emissions proposal. Limbaugh accused Arnold of hurting the Republican Party by sucking up to Obama.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Limbaugh first made the insane claim that the moderates run the Republican Party, and then he claimed that Obama is a radical liberal president who will destroy the essence of America. Rush blasted Arnold for daring to agree with Obama. Limbaugh said that the moderates are telling the party that they need to be more like Arnold.

Limbaugh said, “Arnold is being called a moderate Republican, somebody that we must emulate. We need more people like Arnold Schwarzenegger in our party if we are to grow the party. Now I ask you, how are we going to grow the party if more and more moderate Republicans are going to suck up to Barack Obama, show up at his public appearances, endorse him, and campaign for him? How in the hell does that expand the Republican Party?”

Politically speaking, Rush just proved what a complete moron he is in terms of political strategy. Arnold supported Obama because he is the governor of one of the most liberal states in the country. Limbaugh’s rant shows that the Republicans haven’t learned yet that their idea of a one size fits all Republican doesn’t work. This is the reason why they can’t win in the East or West, and are increasing endangered in the South East, and Midwest.

The only way that the Republican Party will ever grow is if it moves off of the right wing and back to the middle. This is because the right wing only makes up 20%-30% of voters in this country. If the GOP follows Limbaugh’s advice and moves more to the right, they will only succeed in isolating themselves from the mainstream of political thought.

What should be obvious now is that Rush Limbaugh is on a crusade to remove every moderate Republican from their party. He attacks the McCains, Colin Powell, and now Arnold Schwarzenegger on a daily basis. Democrats would be happy to take in Arnold. The strategy of saying no to everything is going lead to Republicans getting routed in the next few elections. Limbaugh has once again proven that he know a lot about entertainment, but nothing about politics.

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