Poll: John Edwards is the Most Unpopular Man in North Carolina

May 16 2009 Published by under Featured News

My how the mighty have fallen, as a poll of voters in North Carolina this week found that John Edwards registered a record low approval rating, on the other hand, Elizabeth Edwards is even more popular than Barack Obama in the state, which has fueled speculation that Mrs. Edwards might run for the Senate.

The Public Policy Polling poll found that only 19% of those surveyed had a positive opinion of the former Democratic senator, and vice presidential candidate. Overall, his disapproval rating was 69%. Only 30% of liberals and 11% of conservatives gave John Edwards a favorable rating. His disapproval rating was 50% from liberals and 78% from conservatives.

Elizabeth Edwards has garnered a great deal of sympathy in home state despite her release of a new book that has stirred some controversy. Elizabeth Edwards has an approval rating of 58%, which is higher than any politician in the state. Liberals gave Mrs. Edwards a 68% approval rating, and conservatives gave her a 50% approval rating. The Democrats in the state don’t have a challenger to run against incumbent Sen. Richard Burr next year, so speculation is growing that Elizabeth Edwards could be approached to run.

As far as John Edwards is concerned, he is finished in politics. Voters will often forgive marital infidelity, but Edwards managed to cheat on a wife who has been battling cancer for years. Although, he stresses that his wife was cancer free when he cheated, this excuse doesn’t dismiss the perception in people’s minds.

Before anyone dismisses a political future for Elizabeth Edwards, I would remind them that this is the exact way that Hillary Clinton’s political career started. Mrs. Edwards is experienced on the campaign trail, and she is a solid public speaker.

Obviously the big issue would be her health, but she could be a viable candidate. As far as John Edwards is concerned, his infidelity likely cost him a position in the Obama White House. I was an Edwards supporter in 2004, and I don’t think he should ever run for office again.

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