Glenn Beck Compares the Obama Administration to the Holocaust

May 15 2009 Published by under Featured News

On his Fox News show today Glenn Beck gave his studio audience a lecture about history by comparing the Obama administration to the Nazis and the bankers, auto industry executives, and AIG to the Jews. He stated that the American people won’t pay attention until the Obama administration comes for them. I think his comparison is insulting to Jews and memories of the Holocaust.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck said, “I really truly believe the reason why a lot of Americans aren’t paying attention to this is because they, does anybody remember the poem first they came for the Jews and I didn’t stand up because I wasn’t a Jew, do you know that from Germany? I think this is the problem. First they came for the banks, and I wasn’t a banker. I didn’t really care. I didn’t stand up and say anything, then they came for the AIG executives, and they came for the car companies, and I didn’t say anything, until it gets down to you. Most people don’t see they are coming for you at some point. You are on the list. Everybody is on the list.”

The problems with Beck’s comparison are that Obama didn’t want to intervene in the financial sector and auto industry, and the Nazis didn’t give the Jews billions of dollars and let them live happily ever after. They exterminated them. No one who has gotten a federal bailout has even been charged with a crime, much less killed. Beck is telling people to wake up, because he thinks Obama is a fascist.

I think that America needs to wake up and demand that we get our money back from all of these bailouts. Frankly after all of our money was given to these giants of industry, I want the government to take an active role and protect our investment. These are companies that have already proven that they know how to lose money. The worst thing Uncle Sam could do is to throw billions of dollars at these people and leave them to their own devices.

The Holocaust comparison is not only wildly inaccurate, but also tasteless. I understand that Glenn Beck is in the entertainment business, but with this argument he is trivializing the Holocaust. If Beck said that the American people are the World Trade Center, and the Obama administration is the plane heading for the tower on 9/11, people would be outraged. (Of course, I have probably now given Beck an idea for Monday’s show).

My question is what is Fox News going to when a Republican gets into office, and Beck keeps saying these same things? This is Beck’s gimmick. It doesn’t change based on the occupant of the White House. I think that if Republicans ever win the White House again, Glenn Beck will be out of a job on Fox News.

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