Dr. Rand Paul Announces 2010 Senate Exploratory Committee on The Rachel Maddow Show

May 14 2009 Published by under Featured News

Tonight on The Rachel Maddow Show, Rep. Ron Paul’s son, Dr. Rand Paul announced tonight that he has formed an exploratory committee to investigate running for Senate in the state of Kentucky. Dr. Rand Paul shares many of his father’s views, and also argues that the Republican Party needs to embrace civil rights and liberties. This means he won’t be popular with the base of the GOP.

Here is the video:

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Dr. Rand Paul talked about the need for the GOP to present their message better for the Republican Party to find a better presenter. He also said the GOP has to get around justifying torture. Paul said, “I am happy to announce tonight on The Rachel Maddow Show that I am forming an exploratory committee to run for the U.S. Senate.” Paul is likely waiting to see what Sen. Jim Bunning is going to do. If Bunning doesn’t retire, Paul won’t run.

Rand Paul talked about the shrinking Republican Party, “I think the Republican Party is shrinking. As I traveled around the country, I said to people that the real message, or the real news story, here is not who is winning the Republican primaries, but how small the primary is becoming. I went to a bunch of traditional Republican states, and in every one of them the Democrat primary was bigger than the Republican primary. There’s something bad going on and we need to change it or we won’t be a party anymore.”

Paul is talking about the Republican Party joining the message of personal and civil liberties with economic freedom. Unfortunately for him, the people who control the GOP right now would view his ideas as moderating the party. Dr. Rand Paul is correct that the GOP will fade away if they continue on their current path to purification.

I hear often from Ron Paul supporters who want him to run in 2012 and beyond, but the future of their movement is Dr. Rand Paul. Rachel Maddow said that the 2008 Paul campaign was the first spontaneous youth grass roots movement in the GOP since Goldwater in 1964.

If the Republicans are serious about rebuilding their party, they could a lot from the Ron Paul campaign, but since this is the GOP, they will probably mock Rand Paul and treat him like an outcast, while Democrats continue to win elections.

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