Wanda Sykes Takes on Sean Hannity’s Promise to be Waterboarded

May 10 2009 Published by under Featured News

Comedian Wanda Sykes performed at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, and while she did a great job poking fun at the Obama’s some her best material was reserved for Sean Hannity and his offer to be waterboarded for charity. Check out the video.

Here is the video:

Wanda joked, “Sean Hannity said that he was going to get waterboarded for charity for our armed forces. He hasn’t done it yet I see. Talking about he can take a waterboarding, please,ok you might be able to get waterboarded by somebody he knows and trusts, but let somebody from Pakistan waterboard him, or let Keith Olbermann waterboard him. He can’t take a waterboarding. I can break Sean Hannity by giving him a middle seat in coach.”

Notice that a minority in the crowd groaned over her Rush Limbaugh jokes, and calling Rush the 20th hijacker maybe went a little too far, but nobody seemed to fear or respect Sean Hannity. It is obvious that Hannity’s offer to let himself be waterboarded has literally become a joke. I wouldn’t trust Olbermann to waterboard Hannity because he would definitely use “harsh interrogation tactics.”

I thought Wanda Sykes was very good at the dinner. Her humor about Obama was funny, but she is right it is tough to make fun of the guy. He doesn’t present as easy of a target as Clinton and the Bushes did. The White House Correspondents Dinner is a tough gig for comedians because it is a bipartisan audience that sometimes causes them to tone their act down too much. Sykes worked a lot cleaner than usual, but she still was funny, which isn’t always a given with modern comedians.

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