Dick Cheney Claims to Be Defending the Little Guy From Obama

May 06 2009 Published by under Featured News

Former VP Dick Cheney gave an interview to The Weekly Standard, in which he claimed that he publicly criticizes President Obama because he is fighting for the little guy. Cheney claimed to be defending the lower level Bush administration people on the torture issue. The problem with Cheney’s statement is that President Obama has made it clear that he is not interested in prosecuting the little guy.

As Cheney told Stephen F. Hayes, “I went through the Iran-contra hearings and watched the way administration officials ran for cover and left the little guys out to dry. And I was bound and determined that wasn’t going to happen this time. I think to George Tenet’s credit–I don’t agree with George on a lot of stuff–but I think he was of the same view and that’s why we had all of these requests coming through for policy guidance and for legal opinions. And this time around I’ll do my damndest to defend anybody out there–be they in the agency carrying out the orders or the lawyers who wrote the opinions. I don’t know whether anybody else will, but I sure as hell will.”

The little guys that Cheney claims to be defending are senior Bush administration officials Jay Bybee and Alberto Gonzales. Remember, that Cheney was in an administrated that labeled the scandal at Abu Ghraib as the work of a few bad apples. It is important to point out that no high level official was punished for Abu Ghraib. All the punishment and blame was attached to the military personnel. This is a fine example of how Cheney has stood up for the little guy.

Was Cheney standing up for the little guy when the U.S. attorneys were fired? How many little guys were involved in his secret energy policy meetings? Cheney doesn’t care about the little guy. He is worried about facing torture charges. He is trying to save his own butt. As crazy as it may seem Cheney is starting to sound like a presidential candidate. Cheney is in the media more now than when he was vice president.

We all know that Barack Obama is not attacking the little guy. What I think is going on here is that Cheney is trying to fill the leadership void in the GOP. If anything, Democrats want to see more Dick Cheney. Every time Cheney defends the little guy, or speaks for Republicans, he helps the Democratic Party. Dick Cheney has never been on the side of the true little guy, and no one should believe that this is now his motivation.

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