Bill O’Reilly: Bruce Springsteen is Un-American

May 05 2009 Published by under Featured News

On his show tonight Bill O’Reilly said that he thinks that the key to the Republican Party taking back America is to attack Bruce Springsteen. O’Reilly labeled Springsteen as a far lefty who hates America because he complimented Pete Seeger at his 90th birthday concert.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

O’Reilly went on the attack against Bruce Springsteen because he said, “At 90 he (Pete Seeger) remains a stealth dagger to our countries illusions about itself. He sings all the verses all the time, especially the ones that we’d like to leave out about our history as a people.” This sent O’Reilly on the war path as he claimed that Springsteen is an example of how the far left hates America. Remember, Springsteen was talking about Pete Seeger not his own political views.

O’Reilly said of Springsteen, “Why don’t you take a look at your mansion, nice car, expensive comforts and get a little perspective. You’re a working class guy, right Bruce? Capitalism combined with your talent has made you a wealthy guy. It would not have happened in Venezuela. Now Bruce Springsteen is not exactly a PhD. In political science, obviously, but his snide reference to America defines how the far left sees the country, and you know what, most liberal and conservative Americans disagree with him.”

Speaking of people who obviously aren’t PhDs in political science, O’Reilly’s big strategy for the Republicans is that they should say that they like America more than the Democrats. This is Bill’s big strategy. The path back to victory for the GOP is to say that Democrats hate America. It must be pointed out Republicans tried this in the last two elections, and lost each one.

Bruce Springsteen is a Democrat, but since he mentioned that there are some darker sides to American history, according to O’Reilly, this means that he hates America. There have been many dark moments in American history. Talking about them doesn’t make a person unpatriotic.

O’Reilly has to be really hurting for material if he had to warp some comments by Bruce Springsteen. At least Bill-O didn’t launch his GE-NBC-Olbermann-Springsteen conspiracy theory yet. He is probably saving that for tomorrow night.

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