Fox News Continues to Complain About Obama’s Press Conference

May 01 2009 Published by under Featured News

Fox News is still complaining about not getting to ask a question at President Obama ‘s press conference on Wednesday night. Major Garrett accused Obama of ignoring Fox News because broadcast Fox decided not to air the press conference. Chris Wallace said that Obama boycotted Fox News.

Here is Chris Wallace courtesy of Media Matters:

According to tvnewser, FNC’s Major Garrett was on Brian and the Judge, where he said, “That was retribution for the FOX network, broadcast network, running with its regular scheduled programming instead of taking the White House press conference. I was warned that it might be considered as part of the overall consideration as to whether or not I’d be called on.”

Here is the audio of Garrett:

FNC is a network that spends its time telling the world how Obama isn’t really as popular as his numbers indicate, but yet, they get their panties in a bunch when Obama doesn’t call on them at a press conference. The reason is because cable networks need access to the president in order to survive. If the Obama administration would ever take the radical step of completely freezing out Fox News, they would suffer mightily.

News networks need access to news makers. This is why they are so upset about Obama not calling on them. Fox News needs to be able to cover Obama live in order to keep up with the competition. Being called on at the press conferences is a symbol of prestige. I don’t see Obama ever completely freezing out a network, but the White House was sending a message that there will be consequences for not covering press conferences.

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