Ann Coulter Compares Waterboarding to Punishing Small Children

May 01 2009 Published by under Featured News

After months of relative silence, Ann Coulter resurfaced on CNN’s Larry King Live tonight, Coulter claimed that all normal people who have ever had a sibling, been through a fraternity hazing, or been on a sports team or misbehaved with small children have experienced waterboarding. Um Ann, waterboarding children would be child abuse.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Coulter said, “I am with all normal people who have ever had an older sibling, who have been through a fraternity hazing, who have been on a sports team, or who have misbehaved with small children. Nothing we did is in the same universe as torture…I actually read the memos and it’s comical and a little disturbing that even Dick Cheney was such a wuss.”

Let me see if I understand this, but is Coulter endorsing waterboarding small children who misbehave. I think that is called child abuse, and is a crime. I also am fairly certain that no matter how out of control sports team, or fraternity hazing gets, it doesn’t involve waterboarding. If Coulter has an older sibling that waterboarded her when she was a child that would explain a great deal.
The problem is that no matter how she tries to spin it waterboarding is not normal societal behavior in the United States.

What does it say about the state of the Republican Party when Ann Coulter is on television claiming that Dick Cheney’s stance on torture is soft? Coulter wants to live in the delusion that the United States never tortured, but the Geneva Conventions beg to differ. Every time Republicans defend torture, they help the Democratic cause, so keep it up guys. You’re doing great.

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