Obama Mocks Fox News and the Tea Bag Protests

Apr 29 2009 Published by under Featured News

At a town hall meeting in Arnold, MO, President Obama took a not so veiled shot at Fox News and the tea bag protests. Obama talked about a certain news channel where he isn’t very popular and people waving tea bags around. Obama said that these people are playing games and pretending that the problem is the Recovery Act.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Obama said, “Those of you who are watching certain news channels on which I am not very popular and you see folks waving tea bags around. Let me just remind them that I am happy to have a serious conversation about how we are going to cut our healthcare costs down over the long term. How we are going to stabilize Social Security….but let’s not play games and pretend that the reason is because of the Recovery Act, because that is just a fraction of the overall problem that we got.”

Obama continued by saying that we have to tighten our belts in an intelligent way that helps working American families, and not fall into the trap of eliminating programs that help ordinary people and give tax cuts to the wealthy. He stated again that he has no intention of going back to the formula of the last 8 years.

There goes the idea that the tea parties got Obama’s attention, or have him on the run. The president turned your staged movement into a joke. This is how little President Obama fears the Republican Party right now. He made a joke out of you. Well actually, you made a joke out of yourselves.

It was clear that this was a manufactured political event, and isn’t it funny how Fox News doesn’t talk about the tea party movement anymore? Even they are trying to bury that bomb, so it should be a shock that President Obama threw his own shovel of dirt on it today.

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