Bill Hemmer: Fox News Shoots Down the Middle

Apr 25 2009 Published by under Featured News

Fox News morning anchor Bill Hemmer was profiled was recently profiled by his hometown newspaper the Cincinnati Enquirer, in the interview he claimed that, “We (Fox News) size it up and shoot it down the middle,” if that is the case, then so do MSNBC and CNN.

Hemmer said, “Fox is a special place. We have fewer people, and less staff challenges us to work smarter, faster than our competition. You hit the door in the morning and if you’re not going 110 mph, you’ll be left behind.” Hemmer denied that he shapes reports, “We size it up and shoot it down the middle,” but he also said that Beck, O’Reilly, and Hannity, “cover it with an angle.”

Here is an example of Bill Hemmer calling it down the middle:

I understand that Hemmer works for the conservative network , so he is obligated to babble the company’s fair and balanced gibberish, but if Fox News shoots down the middle, then so does MSNBC, because they both cover the news the same way. The only difference is their ideological point of view. MSNBC comes from the left, while Fox News is on the right, with CNN struggling to find an identity in the middle.

Let me point out, that I don’t believe that either Fox or MSNBC covers the news the correct way, but viewers have been conditioned now to expect their news to come from their point of view. I have written this a million times, and I’ll do it again here. I don’t care if FNC comes from the right. I don’t have to watch Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN, but I wish the networks would be honest.

There is no need to lie to people and claim to be fair and balanced, when it is obvious that the network isn’t. I wish we could rename MSNBC and FNC the Democratic News Network and the Republican News Network, because this is exactly what they are. The dilemma for the networks is that viewers claim to want neutrality, but they also aren’t interested in an objective newscast. The money is in partisanship, and that is why Fox News claims balance, but is deeply ideological.

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