Sean Hannity Agrees to Be Waterboarded

Apr 23 2009 Published by under Featured News

On FNC’s Hannity last night host Sean Hannity agreed to allow himself to be waterboarded for charity. Just in case Sean has no idea what he agreed to, here is some video of Kaj Larsen being waterboarded, and a military expert’s description of waterboarding.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

Here is the video of Kaj Larsen being waterboarded:

Malcolm Nance, a former master instructor at chief of training at the U.S. Navy Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape School (SERE) in San Diego described waterboarding in detail in 2007, “In the media, waterboarding is called “simulated drowning,” but that’s a misnomer. It does not simulate drowning, as the lungs are actually filling with water. There is no way to simulate that. The victim is drowning.”

He continued, “Unless you have been strapped down to the board, have endured the agonizing feeling of the water overpowering your gag reflex, and then feel your throat open and allow pint after pint of water to involuntarily fill your lungs, you will not know the meaning of the word. ”

There is no way that Hannity will go through with this. If he does happen to have the guts to do it, you can be certain that it won’t be shown on his show. He was trying to rely on the tried and true conservative position that anything done in the name of the troops is patriotic. Hannity would become an expert on the subject, if he would allow himself to be waterboarded. His opinion would have credibility, bit since credibility has never been very important to Sean Hannity, I would expect him to forget about this whole thing by tonight.

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