Jim Cramer Freaks Out On a Guest over Criticism

Apr 17 2009 Published by under Featured News

Jim Cramer is still a little bit sensitive after his The Daily Show appearance. Today he freaked out at a guest on CNBC who suggested that CNBC should give viewers a little less of “In Cramer We Trust,” and more financial advice. In short, Cramer blew his stack.

Here is the video courtesy of tvnewser:

In all fairness Dan Solin picked this fight with Cramer by bringing up, “In Cramer We Trust.” It now seems like it is open season on Jim Cramer, who was justified in defending himself, but when he said, “Enough of this, I’ve said my peace,” and stomped off, I don’t think that he was talking about 401ks anymore. I also must point out that the video above has been edited, but the full version of the segment wasn’t up as of this writing. Do you think Cramer is still a little sensitive about what happened on The Daily Show?

Cramer and CNBC do have a real problem here, because the one lingering effect of the Stewart interview has been a loss of credibility for both Cramer and CNBC, who both went years without guests coming on their air and offering criticism. The only way to settle this once and for all would be to have Stewart and Cramer get together again for another interview. There is no incentive for Stewart to do this, so I doubt that it would ever happen.

If Cramer doesn’t already have a therapist, then he should find a good one, because he appears to be having problems getting over The Daily Show. There are many people who criticized CNBC’s cheerleader role in the markets before Stewart/Cramer. The difference is that now they are bolder and out in the open. Ratings wise, neither CNBC nor Cramer has been hurt by the Stewart interview, but it is a safe bet that Cramer’s ego is still bruised.

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