Rush Limbaugh: Tea Party Protestors Want Obama to Fail

Apr 15 2009 Published by under Featured News

Rush Limbaugh responded to the Tea Party protests on his radio show today, by declaring that the tea baggers are just like him. They want President Obama to fail. I thought that these protests were supposed to be non-partisan?

Here is the audio from Limbaugh’s show courtesy of Media Matters:

I don’t understand. Fox News has been telling us that these are non-partisan protests that have nothing to do with politics. According to the FNC narrative this day is all about taxes, but could it be that Rush is correct? What today is really about is the Republican Party desperately looking to validate opposition against Obama? Glenn Beck claimed in the opening of his show today that the tea parties were about illegal immigration, and the Employee Free Choice Act, but I thought they were about taxes and the deficit?

These protests are like an episode of Seinfeld, in that they are about nothing. These tea baggers all must hate America, because they want Obama to fail. This is just an excuse for the right to get together and throw a party. Fox News is trying to flex their muscles, and feel a leadership vacuum among conservatives. These so called patriots were probably rooting for Obama to fail and not rescue Captain Phillips either? These so called protests have been mocked, because they are a joke. These people don’t know what they are even protesting. They are there because FNC made it sound like an event.

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