Fox News: Obama Will Send Spies to Tea Parties

Apr 14 2009 Published by under Featured News

After the Department of Homeland Security released a report about the growing influence of right wing extremists, Fox News openly wondered if President Obama is going to send spies to their tea parties to look for extremists.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

I love FNC’s claim that the release of the report of the report is timed to combat the tea parties tomorrow. Fox also claims that the report states that the federal government is going to start gathering data. Fox News is lying. Here is the quote from the report, “DHS/I&A will be working with its state and local partners over the next several months to ascertain with greater regional specificity the rise in rightwing extremist activity in the United States, with a particular emphasis on the political, economic, and social factors that drive rightwing extremist radicalization.”

Note that the report doesn’t mention gathering information and data on anyone. This is a pathetic attempt by Fox to exaggerate the influence of these tea parties. Of course, in the same clip, the network portrays Obama as not liking any kind of dissent, but I would love to meet the administration that does like dissent. No administration likes dissent.

It is hysterical that Fox would try to claim that Obama is trying to take away the rights of Americans, when they did nothing but cheerlead as George W. Bush stomped on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Fox should save everyone a lot of time and hang a Mission Accomplished banner for the tea parties already, because no matter what really happens this is exactly what they are going to do, because Fox is not a reality based news network.

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