Veterans upset that Republicans will Be Tea Bagging at Kansas Memorial

Apr 14 2009 Published by under Featured News

Some veterans in Pittsburg, KS are unhappy with the decision of Republican Party to hold their tea party protest at the veterans’ memorial at Pittsburg State University. The veterans point out that memorial is not an appropriate place for a political protest.

According to The Morning Sun, the veterans aren’t trying to take away the right to protest. Some feel that it isn’t appropriate to hold a protest on what they consider, “hallowed ground.” Korean War vet Bob Roberts said, “This is something that really upset me. The Veterans Memorial, as far as I’m concerned, is hallowed ground. To have a partisan, political ‘tea party’ there really offends my sensibilities.”

The organizers of these events tomorrow claim that they are non-partisan However dozens of congressional Republicans lined up to speak, but not single Democrat. These events are been funding and promoted by conservative lobbyists and Fox News, so the idea that these gatherings will be non-partisan is a joke.

In fact, the person who denied that these protests are partisan was the chairman of the county GOP, John Minton, who claims that the protest is being held at the memorial because there aren’t many places to choose from in Pittsburg, “People coming together to let their voice be heard is always a good thing. This is not a political event. They’re inviting everyone who is sick and tired of the government spending being out of control, taxing being out of control and government being out of touch with the real world. We are kind of limited on places in Pittsburg. I don’t think it’s being held there to make a statement.”

I think when the person calling an event non-partisan is a county GOP chairman, that is a pretty big giveaway that the event is partisan. The closer we get to these protests, the more they start to look like train wrecks waiting to happen. If these Republicans are protesting a government that is out of touch and out of control, does this mean that they protesting themselves, because it was their party and president that brought the nation to this point? The whole tea party movement started out genuine, but has been turned into a sham by the GOP. I am looking forward to watching the wheels fall off of this thing tomorrow.

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