Jim Cramer: Jon Stewart Tried to Get Me Fired

Apr 14 2009 Published by under Featured News

CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer just won’t let his disastrous appearance on The Daily Show go. It has now been over a month and Cramer is still giving interviews claiming that Stewart set him up and was trying to get him fired.

Cramer told the Ohio State University Newspaper The Lantern that Stewart set him up, “It was a complete and utter ambush. He told my staff that it was going to be fun, convivial, no clips, but [it] doesn’t matter, he’s a comedian, he can do whatever he wants.”

The CNBC host contends that the interview wasn’t fair, “Was it a fair fight? No, it wasn’t even a fight. I came on with the idea of taking a high road approach and discussing the issues, obviously [Stewart] came on strictly to try to humiliate me. It was brutal. Was he stand-up? Absolutely not. Did he comport himself as a gentleman? Hardly. It was a deposition; he wants to be a prosecutor.”

He also said that Stewart was trying to get him fired, “He had an animus toward me. At the conclusion of the interview, not on the mic, he said, ‘I picked the wrong guy, I’m sorry,’ but that’s not gonna get out there. He just said it to me as just a throwaway. His goal was just to humiliate and destroy me and probably get me fired, and last I looked, I still have a show.”

Cramer also accused Stewart of using selective editing, “It was a 20 minute interview, he picked the worst eight minutes to make me look as horrible as possible. It’s his show, he can do whatever he wants. If he comes on my show, it’ll be a fair discussion, but he’s not gonna come on my show, because he’s all about his [ratings] numbers.” The only person still talking about this is Jim Cramer, who really needs to let it go.

I have a piece of bad news for Cramer. His excuse about the use of selective editing doesn’t hold water because Comedy Central made the whole interview available, and Cramer didn’t look any better than what was shown on television. I find it hard to believe that Cramer was ambushed. He is the expert. Even if he was caught off guard, he still should have had enough knowledge to out duel Stewart. Cramer needs to either do another show with Stewart, or stop talking about this. The more he reminds people of his terrible performance, the worse it looks for him.

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