Republicans Claim that Obama is Speaking in Code

Apr 06 2009 Published by under Featured News

Frank Gaffney the director of the conservative think tank the Center for Security Policy was on MSNBC’s Hardball today where he accused President Barack Obama of speaking in code, and telling the Middle East that America will submit to them. Gaffney says using the word respect is code in the Muslim word for submission.

In the video, the fun starts around the 9:30 mark:

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Gaffney said, “When he uses the word respect in the context of a waist bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, for example, and talks about respectful language which is code for those that adhere to Sha’aria that we will submit to Sha’aria.” Gaffney said that the code is received in the Taliban’s headquarters and Al-Qaeda’s caves, but when asked by guest host David Shuster to provide examples of the code, Gaffney didn’t but he said that extremists in Saudi Arabia, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban understood it. He also accused Obama of making America less safe.

The neo-cons are so paranoid that they are now accusing Obama of speaking in a code of defeat and failure to the rest of the world. A code by the way, which they don’t fully understand themselves, but they are certain, is there. Gaffney is one of the founding fathers of the neo-con movement. He was one of the original 25 signatories of the 1997 statement of principles from the Project for a New American Century.

There is no “Obama code.” Gaffney was trying to paint Obama as weak because as a neo-con he believes that diplomacy is weakness. Gaffney wants to attack N. Korea and Iran. In his view, anything that isn’t military action is destined to make America less safe. This is an ideology that destroyed decades of American foreign policy and started an unnecessary war which killed thousands of Americans. It is a dangerous form of extremism that hopefully will never return to power again.

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