Glenn Beck Proclaims that Obama is Leading the U.S. to Fascism

Apr 01 2009 Published by under Featured News

Cable News’s newest superstar Glenn Beck has upped the ante on the scale of fear. Beck now claims that Obama is not leading the world to socialism, but instead the president is marching the nation towards a happy faced fascism. Of course he provides no evidence for his claim, but he puts on a heck of a show while saying it.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

Beck used the G-20 riots, which really weren’t much of a riot, and the tea parties to say that people are rioting against Obama. Beck went full on paranoid by claiming that we are heading towards 1984, and a non-violent form of fascism. He said that both Bush and Obama are the symbols of fascism, and who pray tell does Beck blame for putting America on the road to fascism? Why the devious Woodrow Wilson of course. (No seriously, he really blames Woodrow Wilson). I am assuming that Beck blames Wilson for failing to keep his campaign promise of continued American neutrality in World War I.

One of the interesting things about Glenn Beck’s shtick can be seen in this video. There is the dramatic presentation, the alarm sounding dialogue, but what are missing are details. Exactly where is the evidence that Obama is moving the nation towards fascism? If he really was moving the nation towards fascism, then how is a critic like Glenn Beck still on the air? Why do we still have democratic institutions? Americans are so upset with Obama that they sent him a ringing rebuke by only giving him a 66% approval rating.

Beck is should never be taken seriously. He is entertainment. In a recent NY Times profile he compared himself to a rodeo clown and said that no one should take his word as gospel. The problem is that lots of people do take this nonsense seriously. If Rush Limbaugh is Republican comfort food, then Glenn Beck is GOP science fiction. If he wasn’t on a news network, then his show would treated like the fluff that it is. Unfortunately, many people will take Beck and his futuristic tale of Obama fascism seriously.

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