Pro-Lifers Are Up In Arms Over Obama Speaking at Notre Dame

Mar 24 2009 Published by under Featured News

Ah, spring is in the air, which means that it is time for proms, graduations, and anti-abortion groups to vow to stop what they call Catholic treachery as the University of Notre Dame has scheduled President Barack Obama to be their commencement speaker on May 17.

According to Randall Terry the founder of Operation Rescue, “If Obama speaks at Notre Dame, it will be akin to the political and cultural rape of true Catholicity in America; it will cause scandal worldwide; and it will lead to the confusion and deception of the faithful around the world, and to more bloodshed.”

Among Terry’s list of baby killer crimes that Obama has committed are,
“Obama ordered Frankenstein-like federal funding of Embryonic Stem cell research. Human beings will be created to be killed for the sake of science. Obama is in the middle of rescinding the “conscience clause” regulations. It is clear where this is headed: Catholic Hospitals will be required to dispense abortifacients; Catholic health care workers will be required to be Obama’s foot soldiers of death; like the soldiers under Herod’s authority, health care workers will become merchants of death; OBGYN students will be forced to learn how to kill babies.”

Yes Barack Obama is only out to kill babies and turn healthcare workers into merchants of death. Terry represents the extremist fringe of the right wing. He views stopping Obama from speaking at Notre Dame as important because, Notre Dame is the most famous Catholic University in the Western Hemisphere, and perhaps the world; Obama is the most powerful political figure in the world (not including the pope); The Catholic Church – and by extension, Catholic Universities – defends life; and Obama promotes the murder of the innocent.”

Now that the GOP has kicked most of its moderates out, this is an example of what remains and makes up a healthy part of the base of the GOP. Of course, Terry has no chance of stopping Obama from speaking at Notre Dame. It is an honor for any university to have the president as their commencement speaker.

It is one thing to oppose abortion, but it is quite another to advocate turning over the tables and raising hell as Terry does. He is out to confront those who he considers to have committed treachery at Notre Dame by inviting Obama to speak at the university. People like Terry and his campaigns are the reason why the Republican Party is in so much trouble and fading fast.

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