Troopergate Has Left Palin Buried in Debt and Blaming Obama

Mar 21 2009 Published by under Featured News

Sarah Palin may have to start a legal fund to pay for her attorney’s fees that came from the Troopergate scandal. Palin blamed the media and Barack Obama for causing her to run up a half a million dollar legal bill while defending herself against 10 ethics charges in Alaska.

The Anchorage Daily News reported that the scandal will cost Palin big money, but she is blaming everyone but herself, “Shortly after CNN reported that the Obama campaign had spoken with the Alaska State Troopers’ Union concerning the reassignment of Walt Monegan, I recognized that this was no longer a fair and impartial discussion, but rather a political ploy during a vice presidential campaign. I felt it would not be fair to Alaskans to sacrifice public monies to defend against something that was so politically charged. Was I surprised? Did anyone know the extent to which the opposition would take this matter? It is shocking to realize that the personal burden is so great.”

Palin also used the phrase politically motivated to describe Troopergate 4 times. The problem with Palin’s explanation is that her ethics problems started before she added to the McCain ticket. If she didn’t want to run up a half of a million dollars in legal debt, then perhaps her and her husband should not have tried to get her former brother in law fired then misused her office to punish Walt Monegan. The easiest way for Palin to avoid the legal bill would have been for her not to get in trouble in the first place.

Palin said that she can’t afford the legal bills, “Obviously we cannot afford to personally pay these bills — and really no future governor should feel the sense of financial vulnerability at the hands of those with a political vendetta bent on personal destruction. Some have suggested a legal fund to pay these bills. We’ll have to pursue that.” Of course, her supporters will pay her legal bills. Palin is still the darling of many Republicans and has no problem with drawing a crowd and raising money.

If she is going to blame the Obama campaign, then she also has to blame the McCain campaign too, because if McCain would not have added her to the ticket, a small state scandal would have never become a national story. This is all typical Sarah Palin, because someone or something else is always to blame. She blamed her poor performance on the campaign trail on the idea that she was mishandled and misadvised by the McCain campaign. She blamed her terrible television interviews on the media. She does not take responsibility for anything.

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