Michael Steele Challenges His Opponents Cojones

Mar 11 2009 Published by under Featured News

When asked in an interview of his planned to resign, RNC Chairmen Michael Steele challenged the cojones of his critics who he said won’t come and talk to him face to face. Steele seems to be preparing for a war over his job.

Conservative columnist Cal Thomas asked Steele if he planned to resign, he answered, “”No! And shame on [those] who should have the cojones to at least come and talk to me.” Steele also compared his critics to mice, “The mice who are scurrying about the Hill are upset because they no longer have access to the cheese, so they don’t know what’s going on.”

Even though RNC members are publicly denying a possible attempt to throw Steele out, rumors are still growing that this is exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. Over at The National Review, Jim Geraghty is hearing the same thing that has been reported by Teagan Goddard and 538.com that there is definitely a movement forming to get rid of Steele.

Geraghy speculates that the former high level RNC staffers are loyalists to former RNC chair Mike Duncan, who it appears is moving on to work outside of politics. Steele’s comments are the political equivalent of a professional wrestling promo, or trash talk. He is basically telling his opponents to bring it on. I think this attitude would be more believable if the chairman would have shown a little backbone when confronted by Rush Limbaugh, instead of tripping all over himself to apologize to the conservative talk show host who thought that he had been wronged.

This is a compelling political soap opera now full of cloak and dagger intrigue. Steele’s fate is likely sealed if Republicans somehow manage to blow what looks like a sure House seat pickup in the New York special election at the end of this month. Steele is certainly in a full blown fight not only for his current job, but also his political future. If he manages to get bounced from his RNC post, he will be finished in Republican politics. He already has failed 2006 Senate run on his resume, so if he doesn’t make good as RNC chair, he may as well look for a job in the private sector, because his political career will be done.

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