Biden Squares off With Jindal over Stimulus Package

Feb 25 2009 Published by under Featured News

On the Today show this morning Vice President Joe Biden and Gov. Bobby Jindal squared off over the stimulus package. Jindal argued for more tax cuts, but Biden pointed out that Louisiana is losing 400 jobs a day despite the fact that Jindal has cut taxes six times. Maybe tax cuts can’t fix an economy?

Here is the Biden interview:

Biden said, “I’d ask the governor who among us would let our kids not have good meals; their fathers not have jobs, be kicked out of their homes, not being able to borrow money, who among us would do that? In Louisiana they are losing 400 jobs a day, what’s the governor doing about that? I hear a lot of criticism, but I never hear anything in response. What would you do?”

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) followed Biden on the show and fired back, “Look we, the Republicans, have laid out a plan for example rather than spending a billion dollars on the census and 300 million on government cars, instead of all the wasteful spending in the stimulus why not do what they first said they would do? Let’s do targeted infrastructure investments, let’s do tax breaks on the lower tax brackets on the income tax, let’s cut capital gains…Here is the fundamental disagreement we think we do need to work to get the economy moving. We think it is more important to get the private sector moving, rather than just spending government money.”

Here is the Jindal interview:

So Jindal’s big idea is the John McCain plan? Notice the governor never mentioned what he was doing to prevent his state from losing 400 jobs a day. Jindal undercut his own argument for the power of tax cuts by mentioning that he has cut taxes six times in his state. If tax cuts are the answer, then why is Louisiana still losing 400 jobs a day? Biden hammered Jindal’s argument, and quite honestly, if I was Bobby Jindal I don’t think I would have shown my face on national television after that pathetic performance last night. Jindal showed last night and once again today, that he is not ready for the big stage.

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