Keyes: Obama is a Radical Communist Whose Supporters are Crazy

Feb 21 2009 Published by under Featured News

At the low point of the Republican Party when they desperately need a leader up pops crazy Alan Keyes and his latest Internet video that calls Obama a communist, baby killer, non-citizen, illegal immigrant lover who is going to lead the country to collapse and civil war. For good measure he also called Obama supporters crazy.

Here is the video:

My favorite part of the video has to be the first couple of minutes when Keyes says, “The man is an abomination. He is someone who has actually advocated infanticide, that when babies are the target of abortion, if they happen to escape the abortionist’s intention and are born alive, he actually supported the idea that these babies should be set aside to die, that is a man with such a seared conscious I can’t even understand why anybody in their right mind would consider him worthy of political support.”Keyes also promises that the nation is going to find itself in chaos, confusion, and civil war. Keyes says that people have gone mad in this country, because they are supporting Obama’s ideas and ignoring the laws of economics.

Interestingly, Keyes supported the Iraq War. He is what he said about Iraq while debating Obama in 2004, “They stay there until they get the job done. Kerry is preoccupied with an exit strategy, but if you get into a battle and the only thing you’re thinking about is how to get out, I think we have a word for you-and it’s not very complimentary. We are engaged in a war against terror that was started by the terrorists, that claimed the lives of thousands of Americans, that involves a global infrastructure of insidious individuals. We have seen the work they do against innocent lives in the most bestial fashion possible. To fight that war, it is not sufficient to have rhetoric, it is not sufficient to react after the fact. You have got to preemptively move against their bases, against their sources of supply, against their training camps, against the states that provide them with safe haven and infrastructure. If you do not, then they will simply prepare for further attacks.”

Keyes was fine with the government spending what will amount to a trillion dollars that they don’t have in Iraq, but he opposes Obama $75 billion mortgage plan. To the credit of the Republican Party, they ignore Alan Keyes, who over the years has descended into right wing fringe insanity. His video has all the greatest hits of the far right. Obama is a non-citizen, communist, baby killer. Predicting a civil war is way out there, and I would say to Keyes, if this nation could survive eight years of George W. Bush, it can survive anything.

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